Top 10 Ideas To Let Your Toddler Be Grateful

Top 10 Ideas To Let Your Toddler Be Grateful

Have you ever thought that whatever your kid asks for, when you give that to them, how do they feel? Obviously, they are glad, but at the same time are they grateful to you for that act of yours?

If not then you need to be concerned about this, as making them feel grateful for things is found to be an appreciating gesture by your little one.

So, here are 10 ideas that will let your toddler be grateful for all those things which you or anyone else has given to them.

1. Teach Them To Say Thank You

Thank you is a simple word which we usually use to show our gratitude towards someone. Do not just make it strict for your little one to say it again and again. Rather than this you can tell them the importance of saying a thank you to anyone.

What you can add to this is to do it by your own self so that they try to catch it from you, this will help in developing the gesture of being grateful in your toddler’s personality.

2. Teach Them Acts Of Kindness

There are various things for which you are supposed to inculcate an act of kindness in your little one’s personality, as it is a part of being grateful. This can also involve any act of service in return of which the act of kindness is expected by the doer.

As it is well known that charity begins from home, which clearly depicts that the act of kindness should initially be started from your own family first, learning which the little one can think of doing such acts in future also.

3. Try To Make Them Generous

Being generous is a real-time habit that should be practiced by your little one, this is the thing that you being a parent need to inculcate in your little one.

It is very well known to all of us that the kids learn from their surroundings, so initially, you need to be generous in looking at which your little one will get to learn about this fact.

It is even good to be generous for those things which are not meant to be there with them for the future. For instance, if your little princess has a love for a doll, but at the same time if there is someone who can be more in need of it, then you must teach her to be generous at that moment.

4. Teach Them To Say Please

There are certain words that are meant to showcase how grateful one can be towards the other one. The way one should use the word “please” depends on the types of events. At the same time, you must ensure that you do not force your little one to say some of these words.

Instead, you must insist on the word at places where you feel it is mandatory to let your little one grab the correct places of usage.

5. Give Them Some Evidence

A recent study says that gratitude is directly proportional to the happiness of your kid. The more your kid would be happy, the more you can expect accordingly. So as you make efforts towards them to make them happy you can expect them to offer you an act of being grateful.

The study even says that as soon as you grow up, and you offer being grateful to someone then you would surely be at peace which can be reasons for being grateful as an adult.

6. Try To Compliment Others

Whenever we make an effort for anyone, there is an expectation of a compliment to some of the other extent. This is what makes you showcase your gestures of gratitude towards someone.

Now, if you think that how could your toddler do this then you ought to find ways by which you can train them. If you start this at your own level initially then you must encourage such types of conversations in your day-to-day life.

7. Try To Turn Complaints Into Praises

There can be points at which you might not be able to fulfill the needs of your little one, for those moments you must teach them to praise one, instead of complaining.

Doing this gives a very good impression and is also known as a really good impression for your little one.

8. Giving Gifts Can Be Commendable

Expectations for gifts are in everyone’s mind but are rarely fulfilled. And thus, when you are found giving gifts to the one to show your gesture then it can definitely be a commendable feeling for the receiver.

So, you can also teach your little one to try to give some special gifts for any occasion to show their feeling of gratitude towards you as their parents.

9. Be Positive Towards Things

There are points in life where things tend to be negative, but try not to be in favour of those considerations and always make sure that you do not betray the one who has always thought to do something good for you.

So, you can try making your kids positive in certain things which can act as a grateful gesture at times.

10. Be Polite Towards Situations

Even if your little one tends to make complaints about situations which are not in favour of them, then being a parent you must focus on being polite, looking at which your kid will try to understand the situation along with how one should react to it.

This is how you can train your little one to politely handle situations that do not require any harsh attitude.


Coming to the conclusion it can be said very well that there is a need to teach kids to be grateful to let them inculcate some good habits. It is also to let this be mandatory as it won’t let them be thankless towards anyone’s efforts to make them happy.

Therefore, reading these 10 most important tips will help you in learning a lot about the ways by which you can make your kid be grateful for things.