100 Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names of 2022

100 Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names of 2022


Here are some of the top 100 Hindu baby boy names which have been quite the favourite of the parents living in India. So here are many new names which have been making it to the list of the top 100.

Most influences are evident with religion being the strongest source of inspiration for the baby boy’s name.

So have a look at the Hindu names for your baby boy with varying alphabets.

  1. Aadav (The sun)
  2. Aadi (The beginning)
  3. Aaryan (Honourable, Noble)
  4. Aayansh (The sun)
  5. Advik (Unique)
  6. Bhavin (Living being)
  7. Bhoumik (Down to earth)
  8. Chaitanya (Life)
  9. Chinmay (Knowledgeable)
  10. Daman (One who is self controlled)
  11. Darsh (Sight)
  12. Devansh (Part of God)
  13. Dhruv (Eternal)
  14. Dipin (To destroy evil)
  15. Divit (Immortal)
  16. Divy (Lightable)
  17. Eashav (Cooperative)
  18. Evyavan (Lord Vishnu)
  19. Galav (To worship)
  20. Ganak (Astrologer)
  21. Garvit (Pride)
  22. Gaurik (Lord Ganesh)
  23. Geetansh (Part of Song)
  24. Harman (Lord’s heart)
  25. Harshit (Happy or cheerful)
  26. Hiren (Lord of diamond)
  27. Ibhanan (Lord Ganesha)
  28. Idhant (Luminous)
  29. Idhayan (Joy of heart)
  30. Ikshit (One who does actions that are visible to all)
  31. Jaiman (Victorious)
  32. Jay (Victory)
  33. Jenil (Victorious)
  34. Joshit (Pleased, Delighted)
  35. Kairav (White lotus)
  36. Kanishk (Lord Vishnu’s vehicle)
  37. Kshitiz (Horizon)
  38. Lakshit (Distinguished)
  39. Lakshya (Achiever)
  40. Lavish (Rich)
  41. Lokit (Enlightened)
  42. Love (Symbol of love)
  43. Madesh (Name of Lord Shiva)
  44. Manav (Humanitarian)
  45. Mayank (Moon)
  46. Mayur (Peacock)
  47. Meer (Worth of admiration)
  48. Milan (Getting together)
  49. Nabhas (Sky)
  50. Nabhit (Fearless)
  51. Nabhya (Lord Shiva)
  52. Naman (Salutation)
  53. Naval (Wonder)
  54. Naveen (Pleasant always)
  55. Nayan (Eyes)
  56. Nishit (Midnight)
  57. Omav (Avatar of Om)
  58. Omkrish (Lord Krishna)
  59. Orman (Sea man)
  60. Paarth (Another name of Arjuna)
  61. Pahal (Beginning)
  62. Param (Being supreme)
  63. Poorv (East chanting voice)
  64. Prabir (Hero)
  65. Pranay (Affection or Love)
  66. Pranit (Leader)
  67. Priyansh (Loveable)
  68. Radhesh (Lord Krishna)
  69. Raghavan (A descendant of Lord Rama)
  70. Reyansh (Ray of light)
  71. Rishabh (Shiva’s vehicle)
  72. Ronit (Embellishment)
  73. Saanjh (Evening)
  74. Sachiv (Friend)
  75. Sadhiv (Eternal)
  76. Sahil (Beach or Shore)
  77. Sahishnu (Capable of enduring)
  78. Samaksh (Presence)
  79. Taarush (Conqueror)
  80. Taksheel (Stronger character)
  81. Tanav (Flute)
  82. Tanay (Son)
  83. Tanishq (Jewel)
  84. Tanoj (Son)
  85. Uchit (Correct)
  86. Uddit (Giving light)
  87. Umay (The Son of Goddess Parvati)
  88. Unal (Strong spirit)
  89. Upmanyu (Rigvedic rishi)
  90. Vaidik (Spiritual)
  91. Vidit (Lord Indra)
  92. Vihaan (Dawn)
  93. Viraj (Resplendent)
  94. Yagya (Sacrifice)
  95. Yakshit (One who is made forever)
  96. Yash (Glory)
  97. Yashmit (Famed)
  98. Yatharv (Proper, Complete)
  99. Yojith (Planner)
  100. Yukt (Precious)

Names starting with an alphabet A have been quite popular for decades already but they still make the largest group of names in any list. But from the last few years, it is clear that parents are fond of choosing baby boy’s names from a wider variety of alphabets.

These are the Hindu boy’s name ideas that are found to be mostly selected. You can save all these above-mentioned names to find the best for your little one!

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