Top 100 Hindu Baby Girl Names of 2022

Top 100 Hindu Baby Girl Names of 2022

Here are top 100 Hindu names for baby girls which have been quite loved by the parents living in India. So here are many new names which have been making it to the list of top 100.

There is evidence with religion being the strongest source of inspiration for the name of the baby girl.

Therefore, have a look at the names for your little princess with varying alphabets.

  1. Aarini(Adventurous)
  2. Aarohi (A Music Tune)
  3. Aarushi (First ray of the sun)
  4. Aashika (Lovable)
  5. Aashtha (Faith)
  6. Aditi (Freedom, Security)
  7. Ahana (One who cannot be killed, Who is born in the day)
  8. Alpana (Delighted, Glad)
  9. Alia (Forehead)
  10. Anya (Inexhaustible)
  11. Babita (Born in the first quarter of an astrological day)
  12. Benisha (Flashing)
  13. Bhavana (Feeling, Fancy)
  14. Bhumi (Earth, Soil)
  15. Bipasha (A River)
  16. Charya (A good character)
  17. Chavi (Ray of light)
  18. Chitrani (River Ganga)
  19. Divya (Divine Light)
  20. Daivi (Pious soule)
  21. Dakshita (Fully Skill Person)
  22. Deepti (Full of light)
  23. Deepika (A Lamp)
  24. Dhruvi (Firm)
  25. Diksha (Initiation)
  26. Devika (Minor deity)
  27. Dhairyya (Patience)
  28. Diksha (Initiation)
  29. Dhithi (Thought, Idea)
  30. Dwani (Voice)
  31. Dwiti (Dual, second)
  32. Esanika (Fulfilling desire, A goldsmith balance)
  33. Esha (Desire)
  34. Evanshi (Similarity)
  35. Falak (Sky)
  36. Freya (Goddess of Love)
  37. Garima (Grace, Divinity)
  38. Gaura (A Fair Woman)
  39. Gaurangi (Fair, Cow coloured)
  40. Gauri (Cow coloured ,Fair)
  41. Gaurika (Like Gauri, Another name for siva)
  42. Gautami (Dispeller of darkness, The teaching of gautama buddha)
  43. Geetika (A Little Song)
  44. Ginni (Gold)
  45. Harshali (Anand)
  46. Harshita (Joyous)
  47. Harsika (Laugh)
  48. Hejal (Fruit)
  49. Hemani (Of winter)
  50. Himani (Glacier, Snow, Another name for parvati)
  51. Himanshi (Ice)
  52. Hitakshi (Existence Of Love)
  53. Idhika (Goddess Parvathi)
  54. Irika (A diminutive form of earth)
  55. Ishani (Goddess Durga)
  56. Ishanika (Belonging to the north east)
  57. Itika (Endless)
  58. Jaagruthi (Awakening)
  59. Jagavi (Born of the world)
  60. Jagrati (Awakening)
  61. Janhavi (River Ganga)
  62. Janhita (One who thinks of welfare of men)
  63. Jinisha (Dispeller Of Ignorance)
  64. Jayita (Victorious)
  65. Jyostna (Moon Light)
  66. Jyoti (Brilliant, Flame like, Dawn)
  67. Kairavi (Moonlight)
  68. Kaivya (Knowledge of poet)
  69. Kajal (Kohl, Collyrium)
  70. Kalpana (Imagination, Doing, Idea)
  71. Kangana (Bangles)
  72. Kannika (Maiden)
  73. Madhu (Anything sweet, mead)
  74. Mahima (Greatness, Might)
  75. Mahisha (Destroyer Of Mahisha)
  76. Mahiya (Happiness, Exaltation)
  77. Malvika (The heroine of a drama by kalidasa)
  78. Nainika (Pupil of the eye)
  79. Nairiti (Apsara)
  80. Naisha (Special)
  81. Naivedhi (Prasad offered to god)
  82. Nalini (The lotus, Water lily)
  83. Namita (Bowed, Bent down)
  84. Nandini (Delighting, A daughter)
  85. Nidhi (Treasure)
  86. Ojasvi (Brave, Bright, Splendid)
  87. Ojaswini (A very bright woman)
  88. Parul (Practical, Beautiful, Gracious)
  89. Parushi (The beautiful and intelligent)
  90. Parvani (The period of the change of the moon, Day of the full moon)
  91. Parvathi (Goddess Parvati)
  92. Parvati (The mountains, mountain stream)
  93. Pallavi (Sprouting, A young shoot)
  94. Payal (Anklet)
  95. Poonam (Full Moon)
  96. Rashi (Collection)
  97. Rashmi (Ray)
  98. Richa (Light, A vedic hymn)
  99. Riddhi (Good Fortune)
  100. Sanchita (Collection)

So, these are some of the most resurgent names for hindu baby girls, which are found to be loved a lot by people. Select the name, which completely suits the personality of your baby girl.

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