20 Indoor Activities for Kids During COVID-19

20 Indoor Activities for Kids During COVID-19

The pandemic is difficult for all of us, whether we are working or not. But it can be the most difficult time for your toddler, for which you need to organize some activities to not let them go out to refresh their minds.

So, here are 20 indoor activities for kids during covid 19, discussed with a motive to let you help to keep them engaged during this difficult time.

#Types Of Art Activities

1. Basic Colouring

This is a step where you need to start from because it is a little daunting when you directly involve the last step. Therefore, it is suggested to start it step by step.

If you have a kid of 1 year or above then you can surely indulge them in such activities. The main motive of this stay at home kids activity can be teaching them about different types of colours and their combinations.

2. Paper Activities

You can let your toddlers do the paper activity. Get them some colourful papers and suggest them some paper activities.

This can help them in developing an identity towards the different types of colours. You can also give them papers and let them do the colouring activities on it.

3. Get Them A Drawing Kit

You can get drawing kits from stationaries which are found containing certain things like a wooden cut out accompanied with a washable paint and a paintbrush. All you need to do is just fetch that for your little one, and let them keep hands on it.

Make sure that you use washable and gentle paints which are easy to remove if spilled at any place.

4. Make Them Learn A New Language

Just playing should not be the motive, there should be a motive to let them learn something new. So, this can be a good option wherein you can let your toddler learn any national or international language which can add up a lot to his dignity.

#Types Of Physical Activities

5. Dancing Activity

This can be one amongst the best indoor activities for kids during Covid in which nothing much needs to be done. You simply need to turn on your and your kid’s favourite songs and start dancing around them.

You can also include your family in such an activity which will surely be loved by your toddler. You can also add up to this activity by installing some colourful lights which can give an even better output.

6. Outdoor Activities

Keeping all the precautions of the pandemic COVID-19, you can take them to your terrace to create some outdoor exposure for them. You can design a small hut with different colours at the terrace and let them play in the activity.

In simple words you can also make some arrangements for camping with a small fort accompanied with some whimsical play sounds to give it a real touch of a campground.

7. Jumping Jacks

This is the real fun which your toddler would definitely not stop doing, as it is mostly enjoyed by all of them. This can be more fun activities at home for your kids if you can try to indulge yourself also.

8. Make Your Mattress The Trampoline

Trampolines are quite loved by kids, although initially they are scared of jumping on it, but soon they become habitual. Nothing could be better than this if you provide your mattress and let your little ones keep jumping on it.

9. Bath Activities In The Tub

Most of the parents are found complaining that their kids do not wish to come out of the bathtub, so now it can be said that just let them hang out there, make sure that you keep supervising them.

You can also try something creative, to let them mess it up!

10. Practice Yoga

This might seem to be a boring task, but one must inculcate this habit in a day to day life. The activity tends to give a healthy and fit life without any strictness.

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#Types Of Games

11. Try Workbooks And Puzzles

Puzzles should always be given to solve by your little ones, as it is not just a piece of entertainment but is also a way by which your toddler can develop a good IQ level.

To add to this you can also use some workbooks to let them work on it so that they do not get bored during one single thing only.

12. Play UNO

Most kids start playing Uno as it is complete fun. Try to indulge your little ones along with you and the family to let them enjoy UNO. There are various games which are similar to UNO about which you can have a look on the internet.

13. Do Not Miss Passing The Parcel

This can be one of the most interesting games, wherein you need to keep passing the parcel till the song stops, and if it stops when you have the parcel in your hand, then you are out!

#Let Them Enjoy Food If They Are Foodie

14. Baking

Baking is one of the best things to do at home during covid-19. It includes various stages depending upon the type of dish being prepared. The thing which they enjoy a lot is to make fuss with the flour while you keep working.

Let them enjoy doing that, meanwhile you can make good dishes by baking it, to let them develop a good taste as well and to also let them enjoy eating.

15. Shaped Snacks

You can try making snacks in different shapes which can entice your little one. If you face any difficulty in making snakes in varying shapes then you can also prefer the packed snacks which are easily available in the market and just need to be slightly prepared.

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#Add Up Some Entertainment

16. Some Interactive Video-games

When it comes to entertainment then this can be the best example which your toddler would definitely love. Make sure that the screen time does not tend to be too much which can weaken their eyes.

It could be best if you can join them, so that their interest remains consistent.

17. Reading Comics

This can also be one of the great covid safe activities for kids, wherein your toddler will develop good speaking and writing skills once they start reading comics.

Ensure that you get them some interesting fiction too, which would not make reading boring for them.

18. Dine With Movie

Eating while watching the movie can be a great idea, and this is what your kid would also feel. This can be a good option to make your kid feel that they are in a treat.

19. Music Sessions

You can try to sit together to listen to different types of music, which will help in developing good listening skills as well as will give them a relaxing time.

This can be the time wherein everyone sits together and enjoys, but there seems to be no necessity of talking

20. Indulge Them In Decorating Any Free Space

You can also indulge them in decorating their rooms or any free space, which will help in looking at their creativity and to let them do things their own way.

So, by now you must have had an idea of what all you can do to keep your kid safe at home, not letting them be bored. Let’s aim at making this difficult time a fun time for your kids!


Bringing the blog to a conclusion, it can be stated that if you follow some of these tips to manage your children at home during covid 19, then you can surely keep your little one safe without making them feel bored.

In these difficult times with these indoor activities for kids, it is important to keep all the possible precautions to avoid moving out of your house unless and until it's too urgent.

Remember until there is a cure, there should be no carelessness!