20 Kids Warm-Up Activities

20 Kids Warm-Up Activities

Most adults are aware that before they workout, they should do stretching and warm-up. What many people do not know is that the same should be implemented with the kids and thus they also need to warm up before doing any physical activity.

Although kids are much more flexible than adults, they still need to warm up.

So here are mentioned some of the most important kids warm-up activities which can protect them from fatigue while longer playing:

1. Running

This is a type of dynamic activity that includes stretches to warm up but at the same time avoids static stretches as they can be the reason for injury.

Warming up before any physical activity helps your little one to prevent injury and improve their performance. Initially, 2-3 minutes of warm-up as running is more than sufficient for your toddler.

2. Jumping

Jumping is an activity that helps in developing the flexibility of your toddler. This is the way by which they can develop flexibility and avoid fatigue.

The cardio can also raise your toddler’s body temperature and get some blood flowing, and dynamic movements which can prepare your body specifically for any other physical activity, by preventing any repercussions.

3. Walking on Knees

This is a warm-up activity that helps in developing your little one’s calf and thigh muscles. It is found to be quite an easy exercise which can easily be opted by them.

Make sure you, being the guardian, practice such activities, so that they can follow you to perform them correctly.

4. Arms Rotation

This is referred to as an activity that should be conducted with the motive to develop the shoulder joints. You must ensure that this activity is conducted in both directions i.e. clockwise and anti-clockwise or vice-versa.

5. Side Shuffles

One of the most interesting activities is done with a motive to increase the concentration power as well as to maintain proper coordination within the body.

The activity is one of the best examples of warm-up for your kids, which surely protects your little one from the repercussions of directly performing any physical activity.

6. Back Running

Back running is one of the most interesting warm-up exercises which should be done as it helps in maintaining the balance of the body and also helps in the development of the calf muscles.

The activity is also known as reverse running, wherein the kid needs to run in the backward direction, keeping the face in front.

7. Squats

Squats are such warm-up activities for kids which are also preferred by most athletes.

The activity is quite helpful in improving the vertical height and also helps in the development of the muscles. These exercises can also be done to improve the power output.

8. Leg Swing

The Leg Swing consists of two side-by-side curved frames of around 1cm height. The exercise can also be done by leaning with the hands on the frames and coming off the ground by swaying the legs back and forth or doing pull-ups.

Another way to do this exercise is just to swing the leg by standing keeping the entire weight of the body on the other leg.

9. Inchworms

The inchworm is known to be a multi-joint, dynamic exercise that is usually found increasing the strength and muscular endurance throughout the entire body with an emphasis on the shoulders and core.

10. Wrist Rotation

The activity is done as the tendons of these muscles run over the wrist bones to attach to the bones in the fingers. When you hold your wrist in a slightly extended position, the muscles operating the fingers can pull the tendons.

11. Hip Rotation

These warm-up activities for kids can usually help in strengthening the hip external rotators, improving stability, and preventing injuries in the hips, knees, and ankles.

The activity tends to develop strong hip external rotators which can be a reason to reduce knee and lower back pain. The exercise is a warm-up before any physical workout, as these can save your kid from any of such repercussions.

12. Dance

Dancing can be a way by which your kids can stay fit in terms of age, body shape, and size. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits which include the improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness.

13. Butterfly Stretch

This is a type of exercise which should surely be taught to your little one. The butterfly stretch targets your hips along with your groin, inner thighs, and knees.

This helps in loosening up these areas of the body and strengthening your back muscles which can help you in improving the body posture as well.

14. Lower Back Stretches

This is a type of stretch that seems to be quite important as a warm-up exercise. The stretch tends to improve the blood flow in the muscles, and also reduces stiffness in the body.

This is the main reason why it is important to do this warm-up activity before doing any physical workout.

15. Neck Rotation

Neck rotation is a basic warm-up exercise for kids that is done with a motive to prevent jerks in the neck joints and thus keeps your little one safe from these repercussions.

The activity prevents unwanted stiffness in the body and thus helps in increasing flexibility.

16. Cycling

This is amongst that activity which is mostly loved by the kids. There are bicycles and tricycles which can be selected depending upon the age and interest of your kid.

If you are confused about selecting the cycle then you must have a look here which will guide you well.

17. Skipping

Skipping is suggested to be quite an important activity in terms of warm-up which involves the abdominal muscles. Skipping can be done with a motive to stabilize the body, legs for jumping, shoulders, and arms to develop a good body shape and structure.

18. Bending Exercises

These exercises should be done to develop good flexibility within the joints and to avoid back pain. The posture of the body should be kept straight and then bending to the toe to touch it and hold for a few seconds.

19. Leg Balancing

Playing doesn’t simply mean going in the ground for fun. It should include some discipline and some norms which need to be followed. And when we talk about the warm-up, then you mandatorily need to have control over your body.

So, all which your kid needs to do is to stand on one leg for a few seconds and balance the body on the other leg. This can make sure that your little one has a good balance in their body which can protect them from various accidents while playing.

20. Butt Kick

The name itself predicts what needs to be done! The exercise needs to be done with a motive to free all the stiffness which might be present in the calf or thigh muscles.

All your toddler needs to do is take the leg back until it touches the butts.


Concluding the above blog, it can be said that these can be some of the basic yet important warm-up activities which must be done in order to keep your toddler away from the bad impacts of stiffness and fatigue.

If you are a fitness lover, then you will surely love these warm-up activities for kids to keep them fit for ages.