5 Ideas To Twin With Your Daughter Flawlessly

5 Ideas To Twin With Your Daughter Flawlessly

Remember stealing your mom’s dupatta and accessories, making a saree out of it and the heels that would fit thrice your feet in it, hoping that you would look exactly like your Mamma?

Guilty much? We all have done that when we were kids and if you say otherwise you probably are denying it. There is nothing as unique and special as a mother and her daughter’s bond.

This bond may change over time yet what remains the same is the unconditional love they have for each other, tons of emotions, matching styles with your daughter you need to get your hands on.

Follow these 5 simple ideas to let your daughter look identical to you from head to toe!

1. Stay In Matching Colors & Hues

The easiest yet most chique way to master the matching trend is wearing colors of similar hues.

Wear a matching color with your little one, if you are going for a ghagra-choli of yellow color, style her with a yellow skirt and a crop top.

You can even get lehengas and skirts stitched from a tailor out of the same fabric.

Twin with your daughter in matching lehengas shararas, suits or even matching western dresses using color coordination and get the stunning mother-daughter duo look.

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2. Add Similar Elements

You can still match an outfit with your little princess even if you don’t wear matching attire. Want to know-how? It’s easy, just add a similar element to your outfit.

It could be identical patterns and prints in your outfits. Adding ensembles of the same silhouettes would just add enough glam to your outfits to leave people awestruck.

Keep in mind to stick to the similar essence of the outfit and are correlated to each other. Don’t forget to have fun playing around in style!

3. A Little Experiment

You can go all out of the box and experiment with different pieces of clothing, different colors and patterns. Using this fashion tip you can not only style your ethnics but also western clothing.

Style a white tee shirt and denim shorts for yourself and your little one for a loungewear look.

Play around with different ways to drape a dress and create different looks. There are absolutely no rules here. The Key is to play by your own rules and not to lose the essence of it!

4. Accessories Are Must

Who wouldn’t want to get tons of pictures clicked after getting all dolled up?

This last tip could prove to be a savior. Accessories do play an important role in the styling game and help you transform your look. Accessorizing a boring outfit would add glam to your outfit and give you a classy and chic look.

Complete your fit with matching sunglasses or matching floral tiaras with your baby girl to get the picture-perfect look. You can even go for a similar hairstyle and hair accessories and let your matching outfits be the talk of the town.

5. Follow the Influencers

The trendsetters definitely got it right this time. If you are still dazzled about what to wear, what accessories would go with the attire, how to pair them and make a bomb fit out of it without overdoing it.

You can take inspiration from influences and celebrities. Celebrities who love twinning with their kids are major parents' goals.

Queen Ash and her daughter Aaradhya are one such mother-daughter duo who have always been in the limelight for their outstanding fashion sense.

Young influencers like Taimur Ali Khan and Amreen Malhotra are much loved by the audience and huge fan following. Their designer dressing can help you inspire to dress your little one following current trends.

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Mamma daughter moments have always been beyond special and their love for each other is an unconditional one.

Watching them grow and learn about their likes and dislikes is a part of motherhood, you would love to relish and never want them to grow up. These little moments are the ones you can cherish only now.

Be their best friends, take stand for them when in need and make tons of memories.

These tips will surely help you plan a mamma-daughter duo look in the trendiest way possible. If it does, don't forget to share pictures of you with your little fashionista.