10 Best Pregnancy Yoga Poses

10 Best Pregnancy Yoga Poses

If you are expecting, then your body might be tired, which is quite often at this time. Whereas integrating some simple techniques can ease the stiffness and fatigue.

You might feel low energy at your initial times, but these yoga poses will surely help in relaxing you and will give you energy.

So here are the 10 best pregnancy yoga poses which every expecting mom should do to stay away from medical complications.

1. Ankle To Knee Pose Or Easy Pose

This pose is known to be one of the most gentle openings for the hips which are found inviting a sense of ease.

It adds a space for your belly which lets you open up your back which will surely help in relieving tension in your glutes and the muscles under them.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Sit with your feet on the floor and keep your knees bent and your shoulders relaxed.
  • Stack your left shin at the top of the right to let the left footrest on the right knee and left knee rest on the right foot.
  • If you wish to go for a deeper check, then you can switch the led placement and repeat it.

2. Side Bend While Sitting

Side bends are mostly done to avoid cramps, stiffness of the muscles as well as that of the vertebrae. This is the exercise which can be done by sitting as well as by standing.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Sit in a comfortable and upright position
  • Keep your legs crossed or folded
  • Stretch your right arm straight, and bend it towards the left side and vice versa
  • You can also keep your opposite hand, which is not involved in the bending, for your support.

3. Standing Side Bend

This exercise is similar to the above-mentioned exercise. In this exercise, you can stand straight and follow the same steps as that in the above exercise.

Make sure you do this exercise under the supervision of somebody, as if you have any weakness, then it might show you any reaction.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Stand in an upright position
  • Keep your legs straight
  • Stretch your right arm straight, and bend it towards the left side and vice versa

4. Standing Forward Bend

When you are pregnant, you must know that there are only two categories of exercises that are more focused.

One is bending and another is stretching. Therefore, make sure you do these exercises seriously, by following the instructions.

This is another exercise that is done to treat back problems by simply bending in the forward direction.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Stand with feet spread wide
  • Bend forward at the waist
  • Drop your head in the downward direction
  • Hold by supporting through your elbows

5. Squat Position

There is a point when you remain flexible but at times you are not. So make sure that you do not cross your flexibility limit, as that can also be painful for you.

Once the pregnancy processes, the body is found producing relaxin hormone which is responsible for making you feel flexible. This is the reason why this exercise should be preferred, as these all are the benefits of this exercise.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Sit by keeping both your legs extended in front of you
  • Put weight on the feet slightly and lift off to wider the squat
  • You can also use any box for the wider squat

6. Pigeon Position

This is one of the best yoga poses for pregnant women if you want to get relieved from your lower back pain. The exercise on the other hand is aimed at relaxing exceedingly.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Keep your right leg so that the knee comes to the level of your right wrist and the foot is directed towards the left wrist.
  • Make sure your left leg is behind you in the required position.
  • If your belly size doesn't let you exercise, then you must try to exert yourself.

7. Lower Back & Hip Stretch

This exercise is found to have various names, so as not to get confused with any of its synonyms. The exercise is preferred to stretch your lower back and the outer hip of the lifted leg.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Stand straight, taking the support of your arms, and try to keep your hands supported on the stable surface.
  • This exercise will help you in elongating your spine, to let you maintain the correct alignment in the back of your body.
  • You can do this stretch for around 20 seconds initially and can last up to 60 seconds once you are proficient in it.

8. Standing Lateral Stretch

The exercise seems to be quite easy, you simply need to make the proper movement in this exercise which is responsible for stretching the side body.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Stand with your feet apart and sweep the arms overhead
  • Push yourselves upwards and try to reach up gently during inhalation
  • While exhalation, if you started from your right then reach over at your left
  • Enjoy doing the exercise 3-5 times

9. Straight Leg Raise

This yoga pose for pregnancy is mainly suggested to train the glutes to stabilize the pelvis.

Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

  • Lie keeping your face down and arms folded under your forehead
  • Keep both your legs straight
  • Slight take one leg straight, upwards
  • Make sure you do not stress your back much
  • Do it for 10 seconds and then change the leg

10. Pose By Leg Up The Wall

There is a point in pregnancy where you won’t feel good lying on your back, at this time you are suggested to keep a pillow so that you are on an angle instead of straight back for this pose.

This exercise lets you keep your legs elevated on a small stool or at the wall, to relieve the swelling and soreness.

    Steps to follow while doing this exercise:

    • Lie down near a wall preferably
    • Gently raise your leg in such a way that the feet face the ceiling
    • Rest both your hands on your belly or you can also place one hand on your heart


    Concluding the above blog, it can be said that you must be quite excited about your pregnancy but you must take out some time for these pregnancy yoga poses which will surely keep you away from various medical complications and will also stave you off from surgical deliveries.

    In case you are having any other doubts regarding your health do not forget to visit your doctor and click here to know some of the most important tips for a healthy delivery.

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