What Can Be The Birthday Decoration Ideas For Kids

What Can Be The Birthday Decoration Ideas For Kids

Birthdays always make your little one excited, and moreover at that moment when they know that it’s time for a grand party. Now, when it comes to selecting the best decoration designs for your party, you might become clueless.

So, reading this handy guide will help you in getting some of the best decoration ideas for kids birthday parties.

1. Venue Selection

Venue selection is not at all easy. If you are looking to finalise the venue then you need to keep in mind various factors which will help you in selecting an ideal venue.

  • You must know the number of guests who would be joining. It is not mandatory to have the exact number, tentatively will also do.
  • Time of party
  • Activities which you wish to add on during the bash
  • Type of weather in which is the party is organised
  • Cost of venue

2. Selecting The Party Theme

Do not panic much on the theme. It is possible that your little one would have extravagant ideas on what the theme should be, only you know what you can pull off with limited resources if planning at home or any remote location.

This is what requires you to work out an agreement which works for both of you and your little one. After all, you cannot afford to disappoint them on their special day!

From tea parties to ice cream themed parties, there are tons of easily manageable options you can choose from.

3. Perfect Picture Drop

Another most important factor which needs to be considered to make your bash super-hit.

Other than the frills, balloons, foil balloons etc. there is an option of perfect picture drop which is an innovative way of decorating the venue.

In case you do not have a liking for the balloon ideas then you can also try creating garlands from different types of material. For instance, you can also tie tassels which can enhance the decor of the venue exceedingly.

Other than this there is one more option, i.e. paper fans which are another great option for hanging vibrant colours around the room. If your kid is fond of eating, then you can also opt for a backdrop which can be made just out of your birthday kid’s favorite dish.

To this there can be some more additions which are mentioned below:

  • Small foil rainbow balloons
  • Rustic white tables and different colors of pastel floor pillows
  • Pretty doodle designer plates
  • Custom designed balloon garland, grass bloom if the theme has been selected.
  • You can add a designer photo corner to the venue, open for everyone, which could be a center of attraction.
  • Ensure a proper colour combination for all the accoutrements which are being used.

4. Cake Decorations

(I) Easy Decoration

The main show of your birthday cake is the frosting so whenever it comes to cake toppers or any other decorations, it is always suggested to keep it simple. There are various piping tips which can definitely help you in creating beautiful edges or patterns across the cake.

(II) Fondant Cake

If you do not wish to get a simple cake then a fondant cake is the best option which you can make at your own place. You can also opt for fondant pastry if cake is not the priority.

Here are some of the commonly known ingredients for making a fondant cake:

  • Marshmallows
  • Powdered sugar
  • Water

These ingredients can simply be added to the dough in order to make more or add it to premade fondant to make an easier texture for you to place on the cake.


Concluding the above blog it can be stated that these are some of the basic yet most loved tips which tend to make your kids' birthday party a super success which makes it a win-win solution for the parents as well as the kids!

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