10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For A Baby Girl

Having a baby in a house is no less than a blessing! Especially when it is a girl, as girls are known to be more adorable as compared to the boys. Now when it comes to selecting a birthday gift for your little angel then you must know that you have a huge scope to impress your little sweetheart with the best ever gifts each time.

You will always wish to get a gift which could sparkle her eyes and make her extremely delighted. Well, you will be quite happy to know that you have landed onto a correct guide which will definitely help you in selecting the best ever gift for your little princess.

Scroll down to dive into this beautiful world, full of birthday gifting ideas for your baby girls.

1. Apparels


Girls are huge fans of apparels, may it be a baby girl or a woman, they love having a variety of clothes to wear at various occasions. So gifting a set of clothes can be quite unique as well as touching.

On the contrary you must keep in mind that the skin of a kid is quite sensitive so you must not go in for local clothing as that may cause skin allergies to the delicate darling.

So you must look in for some branded stores which provide the best for your little one. One such store is Mumkins which provides you with the widest ever range of dress pieces for girls as well as boys to let them select their dreamiest dress piece.

2. BPA Free Toys And Play Mat


You must have definitely thought of gifting a set of toys for the little princess but you need to know that there are various toys which do not seem to be BPA free. Therefore, you must make it mandatory to buy the toys which are BPA free as it will keep your little princess safe from the repercussions caused to health by using local products.

To this you can also add a play mat in a room which will let her play freely on that mat along with a variety of games available for her too.

3. Feeding Chair


Babies are not that comfortable sitting at the adult chairs while feeding which can distract their interest from the eating habits which can be a great disturbance. In order to avoid such circumstances you must go in for buying a feeding chair for your little princess which will make her comfortably sit while she gets fed.

Also make sure that you do not get a too huge feeding chair, you must take it according to the physique of the kid which can easily get adjusted to the chair.

4. Cribs


Doctors do not suggest making kids sleep at the beds of adults as their developing vertebral column does not need a hard surface like that of adult beds. In order to avoid any such medical emergency you must add cribs to your gifting list for the girl child which will be helpful for the kid to take proper nap even at the day time when there is no one to take care in the bedroom.

There are cribs which are found having wheels, which is an even better option as you can easily move it from one room to another to keep an eye on the toddler.

5. Soft Toys


Soft toys are known to be the most loved toys by almost every age group of kids. What specifically needs to be taken care of is the cartoon character which the toddler likes. The soft toy for that particular character would only be loved as kids are quite specific in that terms.

So it is suggested to know the character before buying any of such toys for the little one.

6. Jewelry


Gifting jewelry to a new born baby girl is quite special and is usually done by most of the people of the family. This can be a very good gifting idea in which you can select the type of jewelry according to your budget.

Try to avoid artificial jewelry as they can be a reason for rashes, allergies etc. as most of them are usually chemically treated.

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7. Teether


It is observed that parents are quite worried while selecting a teether for their little one, as they cannot decide which material, shape and size to use due to which the kid isn’t able to use it properly.

So to ease this problem you can prefer an organic teether made up of cotton which is quite flexible and is not at all bigger in size and lets it actually work.

8. Memory Book


This is a quite new concept, people are not much aware about this birthday gifting idea. You must be knowing that people are quite fond of clicking images of their kids while they keep on growing.

This will create a need for a memory book wherein the images can be segregated and can be placed in them just for the cause of the loved memory of their toddlers.

9. Headbands


Girls are found to be quite fond of fashion accessories too amongst which the best one or probably the most loved one is a headband. You must be surprised to know that there are apparel companies who nowadays are designing dresses along with similar headbands to give an enhancing look to the attired.

So you can also add different varieties of headbands to the wardrobe collection of your little beauty queen.

10. Baby care products


Baby care products are one of the most unavoidable things as the sensitive skin of the kids needs proper lotion, shampoo, etc. These products are chemical free and are especially designed to keep them safe from any type of allergy.

This can also be a good gifting option which will showcase your care and concern towards the little princess to whom you are giving this as a birthday gift.

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There is no end to blogs which contain birthday gift ideas, the list is endless, it is just that with time the uniqueness of the gift matters. The more unique gift you would try to give the more apt reaction to it would be captured by you.

You must also have a look online towards certain more gifting ideas which are found being quite trendy in today’s world. Keep an aim of fetching the best for the toddlers!