Top 8 Bodyweight Training For Your Kids

Top 8 Bodyweight Training For Your Kids

Bodyweight training is something which you being a parent must teach your little one. The resistance which such training teaches is responsible for keeping your kids away from various diseases.

It also has a logic as any other artificial weightlifting won’t be that healthy, especially for your little ones when they are developing their bones.

So here are some of the best bodyweight training for your little one, to let your little one be fit and fine, physically as well as mentally.

1. Bench Step-Ups

You would seriously wonder, how could bench step-ups be fruitful? But it is important to know that such activities are responsible for developing muscles of the legs as well as the buttocks. A bench step up is commonly known to be one of the best exercises for the lower body.

A simple step to follow bench step up is to keep a bench and to perform step-ups. Make sure that they are not done by kids aggressively initially. Try to increase the sets, slowly and gradually.

2. Push-Ups

kid push up training

Push-ups are one of those exercises which are done from ancient times. The main aim of doing such an exercise is to develop good muscular strength of the upper body. Also at the higher levels, these exercises are even preferred by bodybuilders in order to develop the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.

These exercises are usually known for giving fast as well as effective strengths to your lil’ one’s body. There are various techniques of doing push-ups, so it is suggested to have a look at the correct ways of doing this exercise to avoid its repercussions.

3. Side Leg Raise

This exercise is found to have synonyms as side lifts, side-lying leg lifts which are responsible for activating muscle groups throughout the body, these can include the glutes, lower back muscles, and various other muscles.

These types of exercises are not just limited to kids as they are found to be done aggressively even by the runners and the athletes. If you are looking for some more activities in which you can indulge your little one then you must have a look at 5-weekend activity tips for kids to know more about the different types of activities that your kid would love to perform.

4. Lunges

There are various moments wherein you might have confusion about whether lunges are better or squats, but it must be said that both the exercises are found to have their own qualities. Therefore, reading this will help you in selecting the aptest exercise for your baby.

Lunges are one of the most preferred exercises which are found to give strength training exercise to your little one. At the growing ages, these exercises must be preferred, as they can develop their strength which will definitely help them in their near future.

5. Squats

kid squats training

Squats can be known as the beginner version of the lunges, as lunges take more coordination and balance to learn. The benefit of this exercise is that it can be preferred for developing the overall muscle mass and thus improving the performance of the body.

Make sure that the sets of squats that your kid does in a day keep you comfortable, otherwise you might make your little one exerted.

6. Wall Sits

Wall sits are also known as wall squats which is one of the greatest ways to develop strength in the glutes and the abdominal muscles. Now, this exercise is not just limited to kids, if you are worried about your belly, then you can also do this exercise to reduce your belly fat.

The average time for which this exercise needs to be done is around 75 seconds for males and 50 seconds for females.

7. Calf Raises

Calf raises are one of the best exercises which are important to build the calf muscles and explosiveness. The exercise is perfect for stretching the plantar muscles of the foot.

Again, not just limiting the exercise to your little one, if you wish to lower down your fat or to get slim you can increase the sets of calf raises that can be selected as per your convenience, which must not be avoided.

8. Plank Leg Raise

kid plank leg raise training

This is an exercise that is mainly done to develop the abs. The perfect way in which you must ensure that your little one should exercise is to keep the body aligned completely in order to get better results.

The maximum height up to which the leg should be raised is till the hip. Do not try taking it more in height, as it can cause injuries.


Every exercise has specific importance, for which they must be practiced by your little one to give them effective muscular strength that would be definitely helpful in their near future.

Make sure that before doing any of such bodyweight training you keep yourselves updated with the ways by which the activity can be done without causing any damage.