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10 Top Cartoons Which Your Kid Will Love To Watch

Television is usually a lifesaver, which keeps your little baby away from being bored. But at the same time there is not each and everything which your little one should watch on the television, and so here are some of the top-rated cartoons which will surely be loved endlessly by your little one and will also help them in developing some of the other values in themselves.

The blog is being written with an aim to guide you about the 10 topmost cartoons which will be loved by your little one endlessly.

1. Peppa Pig

The serial Peppa pig is a television series which is directed by Astley Baker Davies. The series is all about a sweet family of a female pig which was aired in the year 2004.

The series has been directed in a form, wherein there is a small world of animals, amongst which the story rotates around the life of a Peppa pig and her friends and family. Talking more about the series might reveal a lot that would not be fruitful.

The resurgence of the show is as high as it is broadcasted in over 180 countries with a huge TRP.

2. Beat Bugs

There are 5 main characters in the Beat Bugs series, again an innovatively designed Australian-Canadian animated series created by Josh Wakely. The series is specifically designed for kids aging 5-7 years.

The story is about 5 young insects that are found living in a suburban backyard to learn the lessons of life while having adventures.

This is how your kids would learn about the adventures as well as what can be the lessons of life. So, the series comprises a perfect combination of entertainment as well as learning.

3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The series Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a series that is a must-watch territory for all Star Wars fans. There are not just the kids who are found to be the fans of this series, you can see adults too, being its fans.

The series is mainly about the Star Wars saga, which is found to have various exciting twists and turns. One of the most epic series was found to be out in the year 2008 and is still in the trend with more than 100 episodes.

The series is aimed at students aged 8 years and up.

4. DuckTales

Ducktales is an American series that is produced by Disney Television animation. The cartoon series was aired in the year 1987, which ran up to 100 episodes.

The animated series was so much inspired that there were even video games and comic books on DuckTales.

The love towards the series was so high, that it led to its rebooting in the year 2017 and thus concluded in 2021.

5. Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold is an American animated series that is created by Craig Bartlett. The series Hey Arnold is a comedy series which was aired in the year 1984.

The show is found being centric on a boy named Arnold who is a fourth-grader and lives with his grandparents in an inner-city tenement.

Talking much about the series might reveal some suspense which wouldn’t be appreciated. So the rest of the excitement can be simply felt by watching the series.

6. The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus is a series that is not just fun-oriented but also tries to make science fun! The series is watched by millions of kids from the mid-1990s when it was aired.

There are parents who are concerned about the educational development of their kids which will be loved intending to make playful learning and trippy animation.

7. Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry is one of the highest in demand animated series, which is endlessly loved by the kids as well as the adults. The perfect combination of a cat and mouse is something that makes this series commendable.

The humorous twists and turns which the series undergoes, definitely make the series irresistible. There is a high addiction to this series, just for the perfect chemistry shown within the characters.

8. Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo is another highly praised animated series that has mainly 4 youngsters and an animated dog. The series scooby doo is a mysterious series which means where are you!

The attraction towards the series is due to the mysteries which are resolved by the characters in a perfect manner. The series is not just created for fun, it also has various morals to different episodes which can make your little one learn a lot about life and its various phases.

9. Sarah & Duck

The series Sarah and Duck takes you around the adventures which Sarah does. Being a very kind and polite girl of 7 years having big eyes, rosy cheeks, a cheesy green hat, and her best friend Duck, a mallard about which the complete series is.

The main theme of the series is to showcase the perfect relationship between the two characters along with the endless adventures they do together.

10. Puffin Rock

Puffin rocks is an Irish kid, which is originally aired in Ireland. The network at which it is easily available is Netflix and is narrated by Chris O Dowd.

The story is about a puffin island that follows a young puffin named Oona and her little brother Baba as they are found to be quite fond of exploring their world.

Watching the series would give you an actual interest which we wish to have in any series!


Bringing the blog to a conclusion, it can be very well understood that fun should never be an ultimate goal. Along with this, there should be morals which your little one could adapt by watching the series.

Therefore, these are some of those cartoon series that are not meant only for fun, it is created with an aim to give your little one some morals of life.