How to Deal With Sensory Issues Of Kids Clothing

How to Deal With Sensory Issues Of Kids Clothing

Dressing up children is really a battle for parents who have sensory issues. It can be on daily basis or occasionally. Maybe this sensory issue like itching occurred during the educator lecture among your all pre-school friends. What should little kiddo do, is he or she start crying or feel miserable and frustrated?

Sometimes parents are not really bothered about it. They thought it is a small issue but it is not. It can be due to shirt tags, seams of the pants, fabrics of the kidswear, button cuffs, or designs that can impede a child’s ability to function in important activities. But the question arises how can we find out the exact issue and their cure.

You are at the right place. We can help out to grab the issue of kids wear and their remedy with simple steps:

1. Understand the Issue


For parents, it is necessary to figure out the problem correctly and find the right solution. It can be due to cloth tags, seams, or maybe fabric and collar. We have to keep an eye on every small issue of kids because it impacts kids' sensory system and makes them freaky.

2. Avoid Heavy Work


Kids are very sensitive and do not like to put on heavy work clothes. It becomes an obstacle in a daily activity like play. They could not able to focus and it make them frustrated.

Sometimes zips of jeans can be heavy for them. So you should go with loose pants with elastic waistbands. Here we can choose layered clothes for girls and boys kids.

3. Soft Fabric Outfits


If your child could not bear stiff clothes then better to go with soft fabric cloths like tops without heavy design, shirts without a collar that has a super soft fabric to suit your kid's skin.

Sometimes parents choose designer outfits that are made up of synthetic fabric which irritate kids and can cause skin issue so choose breathable fabrics without heavy designs.

4. Let your Kid Choose


Give them the freedom to choose on their own because when they have some control over their body experience and try to push out from their comfort zone, they are willing to do things for adventure and it will build problem-solving capability.

So try with simple steps like giving them 2 options, one pair of jeans have a button and another one has an elastic waistband.

5. Find Alternatives


Take every single word serious of your kids if they say clothes are hurting means you have to replace them with trendy, cool, and comfortable clothes and put on tag less tops, seamless capris, replace tights with frocks or shorts that will give a pleasant feeling to them.

Always believe your child and think about their comfortability. When children see their parents do things for their comfort kids feel grateful and love to contribute to it.


In the end, we can say every kid is different from others. Parents should not follow others' styles on the kids. They have to choose what is good and comfortable for them