8 Easiest Diwali Decoration Hacks for Kids

8 Easiest Diwali Decoration Hacks for Kids

India, a country full of festivals amongst which Diwali is the best, is almost around the corner. The enthusiasm for the festival definitely needs to be on cloud 9. Festive time is probably the best time for indulging your kids in activities like decorating the house, cooking delicious food, and certainly yes to the festive shopping!

These all activities are those which are mostly enjoyed by the kids but their love for crafts is inspirational. This is how they can learn a lot about our culture as well as about the values and you will observe their keen involvement.

So let’s scroll down to learn more about some fascinating Diwali decoration ideas for kids.

1. Rangoli Making

There are various types of rangoli that can be taught to your toddler. The most renowned rangoli type for kids is the plate rangoli. The best part is that they are easy to craft and give a really classy look!

Are you also concerned about the materials required? Then you must know that all you need to have is some good quality paper plates, sketch pens, some glitters, colorful papers, and your little toddler who is going to prepare a masterpiece rangoli. There is a possibility that you might need to teach them how to make it, for this you can take the online reference as well.

You can also motivate your little one to 2 other kinds of rangolis, i.e. quilled and dough rangoli. Quilled rangoli can be a little time taking but at the same time, it is also known as one of the most creative craft ideas for decoration.

All you need is colored paper and glue and it’s done. You must go in for some sample visuals of this simple yet beautiful rangoli which your kids will definitely love!

rangoli making on diwali by kids

2. Candle Holder

The best that can be done is to go in for some creative process. This is something that can make your little one feel excited. You can give away your old stocked-up things. For example, you can use bangles along with glue, and try to make a holder out of them.

You can also use various other old things that can be used to make a candle holder. To give it an even better smile you can add beads and other stylish things too! Once this is done, your Diwali decoration craft is ready to win everyone’s hearts!

candle making on diwali by kids

3. Diyas

Diyas are the main attraction for kids at Diwali. There are endless DIY ideas that can be explored that are strictly related to the Diwali festival. Taking visual assistance from the internet will help them in making diyas like never before.

You can also go in for some handprint diyas, as these are the latest trend these days. You might find it too difficult to cast, but it isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need in materials is scissors, glue, colored paper, and a marker! Let your toddler show creativity to their best. Provide them with some accouterments like stickers, pompoms, jewels or buttons, etc.

4. Lanterns

Now, this might again sound to be tedious, but actually, it isn’t that hard. You can go in for designing fancy paper lanterns. It is one of the classiest crafts that literally holds a lot of importance to date. Paper lantern is the most interesting Diwali craft that people are found to indulge into along with their families. Coming to the materials required then you must know that you would be requiring a few colorful papers, beads, buttons, cello tape, and glue to give it a better structure.

Once you are ready with your lantern you can hang it to add glam.

lantern making on diwali by kids

5. Garlands

Garland is also a good option which is mainly done at times when you wish to go in for some really inspiring decoration. Compared to all the above-mentioned crafts this craft is also quite easy and can be made within a few minutes.

6. Paper Fireworks

Diwali calls out for crackers! Although we shouldn’t go in for crackers and try to go in for an environmentally free Diwali. This is where you can list paper fireworks. You might find this as the weirdest activity by now but you must know that the toddlers would definitely unleash their hidden inner artist for this activity too.

Once the paper fireworks are ready, you can attach them to the wall, photo frames, etc.

7. Paper Flowers

Flowers are the everlasting Diwali decoration material that will forever be in trend. Here all you need to know is that placement is also not an issue. The way you place them would give them a different classy look.

By using flowers there are endless designs that can be formed in order to glam up your room or surroundings during Diwali. This can be the quickest activity which can be possible in less time. All you need is some colored paper and scissors. Hand over the stationary and let them show their creativity at their best.

toran making on diwali by kids

8. Toran

If you are looking for something unique, then you must know about toran making which can be done using different kinds of papers. This craft technique is found to be unique and can make your little one sure out from other decorations. Again coming to the stationary required then you need to carry some colorful papers, strings, and other decorative items. You must be definitely splendid with the results obtained. This is again quite the easiest as well as the quickest Diwali craft which your toddler can perform.

Final Thoughts

Diwali calls out for the most astonishing decoration ideas, and the best part is when you find your little ones excited to decorate their surroundings with their handmade crafts. At times we try to keep them off such activities as we try to keep them from creating a mess around. Whereas these are the activities that are safe, less clumsy, and less time taking.

So you can let them give their best for decorating their own space the way they want to with full creativity.

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