Top 5 Healthy Meal Ideas For Kids

Top 5 Healthy Meal Ideas For Kids

The fact which is known to everyone is that the kids have a very less eating capacity, so serving them properly which includes all the nutrition is quite tedious. Thus, it is required to know certain things, which can help you in developing good eating habits for your kid.

Here are some of the healthy meal ideas for kids that are not only used to help their nutritional needs but also support their growth in various ways.

1. Breakfast

Starting with breakfast which is one of the most important meals of the day should not be too heavy but should be filling. However, in today’s life skipping breakfast seems to be quite a trend and is named as saving time. Studies have shown that almost one in four Indians claim to skip breakfast, whereas only 3% consider it to be an important meal.

Growing children are specifically affected by this, as it has been proven that skipping breakfast can cause lower overall energy intake. Most of us consider foods that are high in sugar and fat as healthy breakfast ideas for kids whereas, these foods are found to provide slight nutritional value. But it has been observed that incorporating wholesome yet easy breakfast options for your toddler is quite simple.

The most appropriate combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats along with the vitamins and minerals are found making it a really healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast is a must that provides nutrients and also maintains energy in the body. A healthy breakfast must include essential minerals and vitamins like Vitamin A, D, Calcium, Iron, etc. in their diets also with a balanced proportion.

Some meal options for healthy breakfast for kids can be boiled eggs, vegetable parathas, etc. which can help the children function at optimum capacity throughout the day.

2. Delicious Meal

Incorporating delicious meals for kids imparts their overall well-being. Meals are associated with lower stress levels and are found to improve mental and physical health.

For instance, you can make uttapam, vegetable cheela, etc. as these incorporate tasty as well as healthy breakfast ideas for your little ones and can also make sure that they do not develop any negative food habits as they keep growing.

3. Snacks

Sometimes healthy snacks could be loved as those are also found supporting the brain functions along with the healthy meals for kids. The kids who have excellent eating routines can also showcase better performance in their schools both academically and in terms of extracurricular activities, whereas poor in-take of meals can lead to poor concentration and memory.

Some of such dishes can be french toast, sandwiches, pancakes, etc. Try not to make it the same each day, try to make some changes in the meal options so that you are able to develop your kid’s taste towards all the types of dishes.

So, thereby you can try some south Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli which are found to have good nutritional value and are a rich source of vitamin B12.

4. Fruits and Juices

Another rich yet healthy option that can give endless nutrition values to your lil toddler. But there are parents who are found complaining that their kids are not fond of eating fruits, in this case, you can opt for another way which is to make fresh fruits juices and serve them.

It is never suggested to go for the juices available in the market as they are found to have preservatives that can harm your delicate darlings.

5. Dinner

It is really very important to focus on those meals which are loved by your kids yet filling and should not be considered junk food. The eating habit of your toddler develops according to their taste, and for developing the taste of your little one you can play a very important role.

You can prepare a weekly food table to give them a variety of options as meals which can continue their interest in eating, develop their taste buds and keep them away from being overweight or obese. Some of the light yet filling dinner options can be porridge, vermicelli, omelet, etc.

These are some of the most interesting yet healthy meal ideas which your kid would definitely love to have. So try it now to see the wonders!

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