Kids Behaviour Chart

How To Create Behaviour Chart?

Kids are usually in a need of a behavior chart that too specifically when they might be influenced by some of those activities which can be quite harmful to their health.

There are various types of behavior charts that can be used for creating a source of interest in improving habits by simply using the benefits of any type of behavior chart.

A behavior chart can also be termed as the one which is used for setting the goals or targets, responsibilities, to-dos, etc.

Scrolling down will help you in knowing more about the behavior chart along with its creating steps.

1. Goal Setting

Setting a goal means being specific about things, which is definitely a part of creating a behavior chart. Make sure you do not mix this with future goals, there must be some short goals.

For example, you can set your little one's goal of sharing things with others and should make efforts to get that goal achieved. This is what will help a lot in contributing to the creation of a behavior chart.

Do not forget to keep a very positive approach towards any way of creating a behavior chart.

2. Rewards Selection

This can definitely motivate your little one to the fullest. You must try to give rewards to your little one for achieving different steps over attaining behaviour chart creation.

It is not at all important for you to go in for too big surprises, instead you must keep a balance in rewarding them, or it can also be done depending upon the type of target achieved.

You must add to this that the reward should be as per age, as if not then, probably it won’t have that much value.

3. Make Your Chart

Try to make a chart in a creative way, add some drawings to it, some colours to it, some variations to it, etc. This will help you in making a very creative chart for your little one. This can be an inspiration for your little one or it must be said that these colourful drawings can seem to be helpful by attracting their attention back to back.

A thing which needs to be remembered is that the chart should be clearly labelled and can also be given a picture to make it more interesting.

4. Set Up Basic Rules

It is important to start from the basics. So, first of all, it is important for you to find the specific behaviour for which you wish your little one to prepare a chart.

You must add such statements to the chart which makes the target clear. For instance, if you want your little one to clean the mess then you must add something to the chart which motivates you to keep the surroundings clean.

5. Follow It Strictly

Do not just make the behaviour chart, just because you might feel bored. If you are creating it for you or your little one, then you must make sure that you need to follow it strictly.

If at any point you feel that the execution of such charts is not being done, then you must take certain suitable actions to make it follow.

If you think that your little one is more of that type who needs company always, then you must know that it is you who is supposed to start following the chart first.

6. Do Not Keep It Too Monotonous

This is the last but one of the most important rules, you must know that the chart which is being prepared should not be that monotonous. You must add to it some fun activities in order to make it a little interesting.

You need to definitely know that you are not at all inspiring your little one to prepare a time table, although the layout is the same but you must know that this is something a bit different than that.

It will only be followed if you keep supervision on your little ones and help them at places wherever they get stuck.


There are various ways by which a behaviour chat can be created. Some of these have been explained above. Other than this there are other ways too which can be explored in order to execute a behaviour chart.

There is no full stop to such types of topics as they are as vast as explored, but still, you must need to keep a check on things to let them work properly.

You can also refer to some of the parenting tips which will definitely help you in knowing about some of the facts and figures which might help you in easy execution towards any issues regarding parenting.