tips to repair worn out net frocks

How To Repair Worn-Out Net Frocks At Home Easily?

When we notice any patch or hole in our favorite dress, it will create an “oh no” moment. It is not the happiest moment to repair beautiful outfits and it is much harder when it is related to kids wear.

A little hidden obstacle doesn’t mean we lost that outfit. There are very easy and simple tips for repairing worn-out net frocks without replacing them.

Let’s discuss the most common reason why it is happening. Due to wrong ironing, we can see the patch or holes occur. So we have to take care of the fabric. If it has net, synthetic, polyester then we have to take extra care.

Kids are so precious and their memories as well. We always try to keep frocks safe and secure for a long time.

So here are 5 tips to repair worn-out net frocks at home easily.

1. Sew

Kids ethnic wear has thin, net fabric, typically synthetic, and has to be handled with care. When it has a clean tear then prefer repair with a bit lighter colored thread. So it seems like a thin line and very hard to see the difference. When we see holes, a netting patch is the best way.

2. Web Stitching

If the tear is too long so we can repair it with fusible interfacing. In this technique, we have to join the edges together and sew with closely-matched thread. This works better with textured fabric such as fancy frocks and jeans.

3. Glue For Fabric

Sometimes it is very hard to sew or tip the cloth so fixing with glue is the best option. There is the invisible glue that is also available in the market. Where you have no option to repair, this is the best way to rejuvenate your expensive dresses.

4. Decorative Patching

It is an advanced technology in this world. Here we are going to use decorative stitches to sew applique. It is also known as ornamental patching.

5. Ironing

The best way to repair clothes at home is to press clothing. Here We use warm iron and press cloth to flatten the netting and prepare it for repair.

Each good-quality piece we buy is an asset so by these simple techniques of stitches, we can learn to keep it for life rather than to replace our wardrobe every season.

At the end! We can say that every piece of clothing needs care and if it is about little champs it is our duty to maintain these memories for life long rather it is a matter of clothes or anything else. So with these simple techniques, we can save expensive kids’ outfits.