How to Wash Your Baby Clothes - 10 Important FAQs

How to Wash Your Baby Clothes - 10 Important FAQs

There are certain things which we want to consider when it comes to how to wash baby clothes. But still, it has been found that there are parents who are clueless about it.

Therefore these 10 important FAQs about washing baby clothes have been designed to make you aware of some of the commonly unanswered questions. So let's scroll down to learn some facts.

1. What Is The Best Way To Wash Baby Clothes?

The best way to wash the baby's clothes is to wash them insensitive liquid washes. Try not to use the detergents as they could be very hard on the kid’s dress piece.

You can look for some of the liquid washes which are mainly designed for washing kid’s clothes only, without damaging the fabric quality.

For instance, you can go for a baby hug, kids cloth wash, mama earth plant-based liquid wash, Himalaya gentle baby laundry wash etc. You can also use any other liquid wash, but make sure it does not include any hard detergent in its constituents.

2. Should I Hand-Wash My Baby's Clothes?

Washing the clothes of your little one by hand is always a good option, as washing them in the machine can sometimes deteriorate the fabric as they cannot undergo hard washing.

For this, it is suggested to read the washing directions which are always mentioned on the top of the dress which will let you know what the correct way to wash this particular dress is.

It is also suggested to turn your machine into gentle mode if you are planning to wash the clothes in it so that there is no loss in the fabric of your little one’s dress.

3. What Temperature Should Baby Clothes Be Washed At?

Normally the temperature at which the kid’s clothes should be washed varies from 30-40 degrees Celsius. Make sure that you do not exceed the temperature of more than 40 as it can deteriorate the fabric of the clothes even.

In some of the latest washing machines, once you select the mode of kids clothes it automatically washes it at the required temperature.

If you do not have such a machine, then you can also set up your geyser’s temperature in the required range which will help you in giving the required temperature.

4. Should Baby Clothes Be Washed In Hot Water?

Yes, it is suggested to wash kid’s clothes in hot water, as it is responsible for proficient cleaning and removing all the bacteria and viruses present in the dress piece. The water should not be highly hot, as that can also be problematic at times.

Try to maintain the temperature of the water within 30-40 degrees centigrade in order to let the proper cleansing action take place.

5. Can I Wash Baby Clothes With My Clothes?

It is not suggested to do so, as we being adults sweat a lot and can even not note having some of the bacterial or fungal infections, which can get on to the clothes of your little one.

However, it has been known that washing clothes in liquid detergents finish them all, but still, you should try not to do so, in order to avoid any repercussions.

6. Do I Need A Fabric Softener For Baby Clothes?

Instead of the harsh detergents, you can use a fabric softener for your baby’s clothes, but you must ensure that your kid is not allergic to it. Now the question that arises is how to check it?

Try washing a single dress piece in it and see whether wearing that particular dress affects your little one or not. If it does then you can surely not use it, but if it doesn’t then you can use it for sure.

7. How Do I Soften Baby Clothes Without Softener?

You can soften the clothes of your baby by using some of the below-mentioned things.

You can use half a cup of baking soda and let it get dissolved completely in the water, before adding the clothes. This is found working as a softener for the kid's clothes that can be preferred instead of any softener.

Vinegar is also a good option and its working is similar to that of baking soda. And if you are blessed with soft water anywhere near you, then you definitely do not need any softener as it works even better.

8. How Do I Make Baby Clothes Smell Good?

Most of the parents are found using some chemicals which can be responsible for giving a good smell to your baby’s clothes.

Whereas it is not the correct way, the most appropriate way is to go for some of the natural fresheners which are mainly meant for the kid’s clothes and are not found to have any repercussions to it.

So, you must try to find out the natural fresheners only which are found to have natural dyes and perfumes that can make the clothes smell good.

9. How Do I Get The Milk Smell Out Of Baby Clothes?

You can add a cup of liquid detergent solution and let it dissolve in the water. Once it gets completely dissolved, soak the smelly clothes in it for some time.

If the spilled milk is more, then you can also keep it soaked for the whole night and then wash it the next morning. Soaking it in lukewarm water will help more.

10. Can I Wash Newborn Clothes In The Washing Machine?

Yes, definitely! You can wash your little one’s clothes in the washing machine as it lets you properly cleanse your baby’s clothes.

Make sure that you select the gentle mode in the washing machine so that the hard mode does not tear the gentle clothes.

It is also suggested to have a look at the washing manual, before just putting it into the washing machine so that you can get an idea of whether you should wash it in the machine or not.


Concluding the above FAQs it can be noted that there is a certain measure which needs to be taken while washing the clothes of your little one, may it be done by hand or by machine.

Mostly all the questions have been covered which can arise in your minds regarding the cleaning action of your baby’s clothes. You must have a thorough read to learn all these things properly, to not remain clueless at any point.

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