7 Kids Clothes Organizing Ideas

7 Kids Clothes Organizing Ideas

In today’s time most of us are living in nuclear families, wherein having one or a maximum of two kids is under a shed. So, to keep their things organized

Here are some of the best kids clothes organizing ideas which will surely help you in giving them sufficient space to keep at their things in a properly segregated manner.

Give this content a thorough read to learn what all can be the ideas which can surely help you in organizing your kid's clothes. Enjoy reading!

1. Plan Accessible Arrangement

Make sure all the arrangements which you are making are accessible by you and your kid, or else your little one will always be dependent on you for taking those things. Let your toddler be aware of things wherever they have been placed to let them be self-dependent.

Planning for making the space to place things is not daunting, what is challenging is to make accessible space along with providing easy reach by your little one. So, make sure you fulfill this aspect well.

2. Use Hangers

Hangers are a very easy and simple way by which you can segregate your kid’s clothes and also make them look proper.

The hangers are not just limited to one dress these days, you can also find dual or tri- hangers wherein you can place 2-3 dress pieces on a single hanger.

These types of hangers are designed to save storage space and to let you use the required space appropriately. Make sure you do not overload the rod with the hangers, as it can bend the rod downwards, which can be difficult to repair in near future.

3. Use Baskets or Open Shelves

You might be having shelves inside your wardrobes, but you can add to it some of the baskets, shelves etc. These are mostly preferred as it helps you in keeping the clothes of your baby segregated.

You can also use these baskets or bins to sort the accouterments like shoes, toys etc. which should not be mixed with the clothes of the kids. These baskets are not a wastage, once your little one grows up you can use them at any other place in your house.

4. Use Low Storage Cabinets

If you are having more than one or two babies at your place, then it will surely be quite daunting for you to manage the space.

For this, it is suggested to go for the low storage cabinets, which are responsible for letting you place all the unwanted or those products which are not of use in the current times.

Also, you can plan some of the cabinets, which can be wall-mounted to give you more space to store more and more things.

5. Install Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall mounts have always been a good option, which provides you with the facility to store things. If you are not using some of the clothes like party wear ones or any other specific dress, then you can surely place it over there.

Most commonly these shelves are designed with this motive only, to let you store all the extra things, which are not of regular use. Try not to opt for open shelves, as closed ones do not let the room look shabby, even if they are not placed in a correct manner.

6. Use Smaller Spaces Too

Try not to leave the smaller spaces, you must use it too. The smaller spaces can be the notches behind the door which can be used to hand the tie and various other things.

So, try to find some of these smaller spaces which can be utilized to save some of the things, and in turn, can give your room or your wardrobe a perfect look.

Sometimes these spaces can also be used to save compact things, as placing it anywhere else may not let you find it when needed.

7. Sort Clothes According To The Season

This is the most important thing, you must do it surely as if you are running short of space, then doing this will definitely help you endlessly.

You can store all the clothes which are not appropriate for the season in the space which is available for you. The spaces like boxes in the beds, wall cabinets, and free spaces in wardrobes can be used to pack these clothes which can give you easy access to all those clothes which are appropriate for the season.


By now, you must be having complete kids clothes organizing ideas which can be quite helpful in your day-to-day life.

The aim of the blog is to let you give some of the tips which can be easily followed to give more space to store or to organize the clothes of your little one.

Every one of us is aware of the fact that kids are found having endless things and so there is a proper need to organize them properly to let them have a required space as well.

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