Top 7 Kids Fashion Magazines

Top 7 Kids Fashion Magazines

Recent studies say that the kids should be taught to read at the correct age, as the habit of reading is found to be quite good specifically when they are into an age of learning everything.

The reason why magazines should be preferred initially is that they are designed in a very attractive manner, because of which the kids are found developing a good sense of creativity and learning too.

So here are some of the most renowned kids' fashion magazines reading which would be loved by your little one.

1. Babiekins

Babiekins Magazine is a US-based kid’s fashion magazine that is found to be quite trendsetting for the attired. The fashion included in the magazine is as per those which are highly inspired and which tends to bring you fashion, style, and playthings.

The authors see childhood as magic and are thus scripted which is real. The messes which exist are viewed as beauty and when it comes to fashion then that is the ultimate goal.

2. Kids Style Magazine

Kids Style Magazine is a US-based magazine which is originally published to showcase the most loved model and dress pieces weekly.

These are not just the physical copies, you can also find the digital copies which can be regularly sent to you once you have subscribed for it. One can get a good idea about the clothing ideas for kids along with specific accessories which are found resurgent in today’s fashion world.

3. CWB

CWB is a well-known UK kid’s wear fashion magazine that is designed with an aim to focus completely on the trends and styling done by the little ones.

The magazine is owned by the Childrenswear Association, which is an organization that seems to work on the basis of the entire kids wear industry. The magazine dedicatedly covers all the retailers, buyers, manufacturers etc. and works with a motive to provide some of the best dressing ideas for your kids.

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4. The Little Magazine

The Little Magazine is about giving amazing styling ideas to the people of Australia and Newzealand.

The magazine was established in the year 2018 which is found to be an independently published magazine that is also found supporting small businesses of the kid’s fashion industry.

Little magazine is not just limited to offline modes, it is also active on the online platform, which helps you in visualizing the actual looks of the dress through the models.

5. Earnshaw’s

Earnshaw is one of the best kids wear influencers, which is famous in Newyork. The magazine has been serving the audience since 1917.

The magazine is not just designed for the audience but provides actionable advice for better business.

The experience of the magazine is so huge that it tends to include the regular award-winning annually.

6. Poster Child

Poster Child is known to be a kid’s fashion publication that seems to be created just and just for styling your little ones. The main aim of the authors is to make stylish interventions in the kid’s fashion industry that can enhance their looks.

The magazine is designed with an aim to provide new approaches of styling to your little one to let them be one amongst attracting the most trendy dress pieces.

7. Katwalk Kids Fashion Magazine

Katwalk Kids Fashion Magazine is a charity magazine for kids. The main aim is to provide diversified dressing options for kids.

You can also find some of the best modeling ideas from these magazines, which can also provide you with some of the best visual ideas to let your little one be well dressed.

The magazine was started in the year 2019 with an aim to support kids models which got famous worldwide in no time.


Concluding the above blog aims to provide you with some of the best kids’ fashion magazines to let you be aware of some of the trendy styling options which are found to be loved by the kids as well as the audience.