15 Kids Indoor Games

15 Kids Indoor Games

The greatest challenge for parents is to keep kids engaged in the new indoor games to let them not get bored at all.

Till a certain time, it is still possible as we all are aware of some of the activities, but once all of them are done, then you will surely need some more interesting ones.

So, reading this blog will let you learn more about the interesting kids indoor games, to let you and your kids be indulged in the games which your little one would surely love.


1. Hide & Seek

What is the first thing which comes into our minds when we listen about this, yeah you are right, this is the most commonly known game, which is quite loved by your little ones.

The steps for this game need not be explained, it is just that you need a compatible yet safe space at your home, to let your little one play without any risk of being hurt.

2. Musical Chairs

These games are usually the ones in which there is a need of more than 2 members to make it fun. The game lets your little one understand the correct combination between running, stopping and sitting.

Your toddler will also be able to develop a good sense of hearing by judging the correct time of action. Steps for activity are quite easy, and no such things are required which you won’t be having at your place.

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3. Enjoy Crafting

Crafting seems to be all time fun for the kids. Let them show their creativity, of course in your supervision.

This will help them in showing their creativity. Try to get them some colorful papers and some necessary stationery. Make sure if you add scissors to them, you need to be vigilant.

To crafting you can also add some paper-pencil games, which will help your little one to not get bored with only the crafting activity.

4. Solving Puzzles and Treasure Hunt

Solving puzzles seems to be real fun for your little ones. Writing the letters, numbers or shapes on the smaller pieces of paper should be selected and spread on the floor.

Once this is done, you can add playing some music and also dancing if you think your kid will enjoy it. You can also set up a timer or countdown for them to give them a target and to let them resolve the puzzle as quickly as possible.

Give them a challenge for such types of indoor kid’s activities and throw in some bigger words or phrases if you wish to.

5. Good Books

Reading books, comics, and fiction is never outdated. The activity always lets your little one learn to read.

Parents must indulge their toddlers in these activities as reading is found developing high values into your kid’s personality. Being parents you must try to judge the taste of reading for your little one, to let them develop interest in reading.

6. Laser Maze

This might be new to some of the parents as well as the kids, but it seems to be one of the most interesting indoor games, which you would surely be loving as soon as you understand the steps of the game.

You can browse for some of the mazes which can be physically made at your home to entreat your little one and to let them enjoy the game.

7. Make Collage

Collages can always be an interesting activity, parents are using it as a game these days, as they work to develop a link within the images which are clicked.

The college is necessarily not just for hanging them on the walls, they can also be used to let your little one relate to the events and try to make an event-based collage.

8. Carrom

Another very commonly known and loved game, which is found to be quite interesting by your little ones. Let your toddler know the rules and fouls of the game so that they understand properly how to play.

Give them challenges, but make sure you do not even let them down. Try to develop their sportsman spirit.

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9. Table tennis

If your toddler is 4 or 5 years old, then you can surely make him play table tennis. But this game could demand some accoutrements which can be used.

For instance, you would be needing a proper table tennis table along with the net and the rackets. If you wish to make your cutie pie learn this, then you ought to accompany them surely, and make them champions.

10. UNO

Your little one can always love enjoying a game of cards, and so is UNO which is quite familiar in kids and families. These games are mostly played with an aim to develop the cognitive activity of your little one.

There are various other games as well, which can be played if you are not playing a game of Snap, Go Fish, War or a simple memory game which is perfect for cognitive development.

11. Trampoline

Trampoline is known to be a great indoor sport which can be played at home that works out the whole body including all the twists and turns which are required to make your body flexible.

This game is suggested by various doctors as well, as it is found to increase the heart rate by bouncing which is found to improve the balance and coordination of the body.

Most of the parents think that a trampoline needs to be bought, but there can be a suggestion to this as well. It is not mandatory to have a trampoline, you can also use your mattresses to let them play.

12. Snakes & Ladders

Oh what fun is this! The love for snakes and ladders is commendable. Just rolling the dice and moving your way by trying to escape from the snakes becomes real fun.

This game is not just fun oriented, it will also let your kid be comfortable with the quick counting, which might be sometimes difficult to learn.

13. Spell Board

A spell board is known to be a board game, in which the player is able to see the thing in the front, and all that needs to be done is to simply spell it.

You must try to get a spell board for your kid, which is not just concentric to a single thing, it must include various types of things so that the kid gets to learn more and more.

14. Chess

Isn’t this another interesting indoor game for kids? Of course, it is and there is no necessity of disclosing the rules of the games, as it is a well-known one.

You must try to make your little one a chess champion indeed, in which you must try to give them challenges to let them develop their minds and brains. Ensure that you teach them all the tricks and also allow them to be tricky with the player round the table.

15. Jenga

Jenga is a board game which was created by the Britishers. This is the game in which the player takes the chance to remove the wooden blocks from the stack which is found to be formed of wood.

This game can be played to develop their concentration skills and to also learn to do things with accuracy.


These are some of the most interesting indoor games for kids which are found to be quite resurgent these days.

The games are usually meant for fun, but these games are mostly suggested with an aim to make them learn certain important and knowledge giving things

Ensure the development of a sportsman spirit in your kid, to not let them down even if they lose. So, reading this handy guide will make you aware of some of the most interesting lists of indoor games for your little ones. Enjoy Gaming!

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