Top 10 Kids Room Decor Ideas

Top 10 Kids Room Decor Ideas

With the world being faster and modern, families being nuclear, there are certain transformations which are taking place in our day to day life, and same is with our lifestyle.

Talking specifically about the decoration or designing part of your toddler, then you must know that your child’s bedroom is the best place to let your imaginations run crazy.

It hardly matters what personality traits your little one inculcates. What is important is the way by which you can creatively design your toddlers room.

So, here are 10 kids room decor ideas that will surely help you in decorating your kid’s room creatively and innovatively.

1. Theme Selection

Before starting the decoration part, the foremost important thing is the theme selection. You must be ready with the latest theme which can be selected for your toddler’s room on which all the other tips will be dependent.

If this factor is properly executed then it becomes quite easy for you to execute all the other factors. For this you can approach any designer/architect or browse online to find the latest theme designs which are resurgent these days.

2. Colour Combination

Once you are done with the theme selection, you would surely be having an idea about the colour combination which must be selected. Still if you are confused with the combination of colours, then this blog might help you well.

You can go for some combinations like:

  • Purple and Orange
  • Green and White
  • Blue and Peach
  • White and Pink

These are some of the well-known combinations for kid’s room decor, which are mostly loved by them as the bright colours are found to attract them exceedingly.

3. Bed Selection

There are numerous designs of beds which are available in the market these days. The selection of these beds can be done depending upon the size of your room and the feasibility factor too.

The designs for which you can have a look are as follows:

  • Bunk Beds
  • Loft Beds
  • Single Beds
  • Trundle Beds
  • Storage Beds
  • Wall beds

These designs are the ones which are most commonly known these days, and are mostly preferred by the parents for their kids.

4. Wardrobe Designing

The inner structure of almost all the wardrobes seems to be the same, what changes is the outer design of the wardrobe. This design can be selected depending upon the theme and the colour combination of the room.

Make sure that if you are having a shortage of space in your room then you go for some of the compact wardrobes which can be selected.

The designs of wardrobes are endless amongst which the best can be selected. These days there is a trend which is being followed that provides you with either dual or tri coloured wardrobes that can surely entice your little one.

5. Modern Study Tables

While designing any study table for your kid’s room, make sure that you are not up for huge study tables. Try going for compact yet spacious study tables which can be helpful in future as well.

Modern study tables itself means that the design would be compact but at the same time it will let you keep sufficient quantities of books on the shelf.

6. 3D Wallpapers

This can be the most interesting part of a kid's room decor ideas. So, you need to select this very minutely. There are endless designs which are available in the 3D wallpapers amongst which the best can be selected.

You can add some colourful wallpapers, floral wallpapers, animation wallpapers etc. Make sure you do not go in selecting any gaudy wallpaper, aim at going for the sophisticated ones.

7. Lighting

This is nothing new, but it is one of the most important factors which should be considered. There are rooms wherein the lighting is either too bright or too dull which can strain your little ones eyes.

Therefore, make sure that the lighting in their room is properly combined as bright and light which cannot harm their eyes. Make sure that there are some lamps installed which can be helpful at places like the study table, bed side etc.

8. Toy Stand

This is a must if you want your little one to really love their room. A kid’s room without a toy stand always remains incomplete. The dimensions of the toy stand can be selected according to the collection your toddler has currently.

If you are running short of space then you can also go for a wall mount toy stand, which does not decrease the area of the room and also looks modish in decorating a kids room.

9. Floor Essentials

Now, these are those things which are not much dependent on the kid's choice, but still are implemented to make them feel comfortable and cozy.

The floor essential must include a carpet or a fluffy rug which can give their delicate feet a nice touch. Also it adds up a lot to the decor of the room and can be treated as a safety from being slipped on the floor.

Make sure that you do not select these essentials in any light colour as it can ruin your asset easily.

10. Bed Sheets & Pillows

Selection of bed sheets can be done on the basis of your kid’s choice. For instance, if your kid has got interest in cartoons, then you can select any of the cartoon designed bed sheets for them which will give them pleasure.

Make sure the cartoons or the flowers or any other design which you select is particularly of your kid’s choice.


Bringing the blog to a conclusion it can be said that following these 10 kids room decor ideas, you will certainly end up designing your kid’s room in a perfect way.

All the implementations which are shared here are on the basis of those which are found setting the trend.

Therefore, these tips will definitely help you in making your little one’s room of a perfect design. It can also be suggested to have a look online which makes you aware about the latest design and colour patterns which are being popular these days!

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