Healthy Vegan Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Healthy Vegan Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Table of Contents

  1. Time to drop the UN attached to the HEALTHY
  2. And, why exactly should I shift to a healthy diet for my young one?
  3. 5 Simple and easy to prepare vegetarian school lunch box recipes for your kid

Pack a tiffin and let’s go!

Is it that easy?

Hundreds of veggies and thousands of recipes. Oh, what a dilemma! And, also there are times when you are in a hurry with an instant gesture of worry?

So, now, drop the worry and hurry! Here’s a list of some easy to cook and readily available veg recipes for your toddler to enjoy.

Time to drop the UN attached to the HEALTHY

Do you remember that time of December 2019, when a little sparkle of the fatal face changing Coronavirus was seen?

Any common human soul of this world would answer a “yes”.

And then the virus had a long span from numbers: 2019,20,21,22.. Also, nothing can be concluded further, too!

The world suffered, men left and men joined, there were familiar family god-bye’s, kids were locked in the bars of restrictions, the restrictions of protection from the virus

Also, there were some who said, “the virus isn’t lethal for the kids”. But, does that even mean that these little toddler’s health is not a cause of worry? After all, they are the only face of the future!

But, the good-health of your kid is important! This worry can be solved. Here are a few lunch box recipes for kids, to keep them healthy, fit and fine.

And, why exactly should I shift to a healthy diet for my young one?

Here are three simple wishes for your child to make him/her switch to a healthy diet and which you will never disagree with:

  1. Longer life
  2. Immunity safeguarded
  3. Physically strengthened

    5 Simple and easy to prepare vegetarian school lunch box recipes for your kid

    1. Veg Paneer Sandwich



    This will be a perfect sandwich breakfast starter for your kid and the best part of this is that it is made up of no-bread. This will be even healthier, crispier and tasty, all together for your little one.

    Ingredients to keep ready:

    1. ½ cup gram flour
    2. ½ cup granulated wheat
    3. ½ cup curd
    4. Some chopped: coriander, onion
    5. Some grated carrot

    How to prepare

    Start with mixing all the ingredients in a bowl. To the next, add veggies to the batter. Add some garam masala to the batter. Add some salt and some black pepper to the preparation bowl.

    For the sandwich

    Preheat your iron cast tawa. After that, crease it with a light oil coating. Then, put the prepared batter in a round, disc shape in the tawa. Then cover it with a lid of the right size and don’t forget to keep the gas flame medium. After cooking for some time, put the paneer piece on the batter on flame, cover it with a light coat of batter and then cook from both sides.

    Your veg paneer sandwich is ready to pack!

    Pointers to remember

    If in case your batter is thick, add some water to it to make it a medium consistency one!- not too thick, not too thin.

    Remember, after adding veggies your batter will be thick.

    2. Vegetable Rice Recipe


    This recipe is easy to prepare, healthy and nutritious. It's a great quick lunch box meal that can be whipped up in a flash during those hectic morning rush hours. It goes well with any raita yoghurt dip or any dal preparation, but it's also delicious on its own.

    Ingredients to keep ready:

    1. Oil
    2. 1 tej patta (bay leaf)
    3. 1 inch dalchini (cinnamon)
    4. 2 cardamom / elaichi pods
    5. 1/2 onions (finely chopped)
    6. 1 chilli pepper (slit)
    7. 5 cups of beans (chopped)
    8. 1 sliced carrot
    9. 2 tbsp matar/peas
    10. 1/4 tbsp capsicum (chopped)
    11. 1 cup rice (basmati) (soaked 20 minutes)
    12. two cups of water
    13. 1 tablespoon salt
    14. 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
    15. 2 tablespoons coriander (finely chopped)

    How to prepare

    Start by adding 3 tablespoons of oil to the pan and then add one bay leaf to it. Add one cinnamon and 2 pods of cardamom to further saute them well in a low flame. Next, you will smell the aroma of the mixture. Then after adding some half and finely chopped onion along with 3 slits of chilli, to again saute them well. Make sure not to turn them brown, when cooking.

    Then, add the beans, carrot and peas. Oh wait! capsicum too. Now, saute them all well for two good minutes.

    Now, the time is almost here to add your basmati rice with water, lemon juice, and salt till you turn your hands to mix them well. Cook them with patience for 20 simmer flame minutes. When you notice your rice looking moist, turn the flame off and let it aside for 10 minutes.

    Your vegetable rice is all ready!

    Pointers to remember

    Here’s when you cook, try not to break your rice. Use gentle hands to stir your rice. Also, you can use a pressure cooker for cooking, in case. When using the cooker, cook the rice for 2 whistles on a medium-lit flame.

    All the ingredients are used keeping in mind the measurements listed above. You can keep your preparations ready before cooking.

    3. Veg Frankie


    The recipe just emerged from the streets of Kolkata to become the most popular street food of India. Most commonly known as Kati Roll, this frankie food can also be made spicy with veggies wrapped in bread/chapati. You can even serve this delicious roll to your kid with tomato sauce/green chutney.

    Ingredients to keep ready:

    1. 2 tablespoon oil
    2. ½ thinly sliced capsicum
    3. 2 peeled, boiled and mashed potatoes
    4. ¾ cup crumbled cottage cheese or paneer
    5. 1 tablespoon of chilli Kashmiri powder or powder of lal mirch
    6. ½ tablespoon powder of gram powder
    7. ½ tablespoon of chaat masala
    8. Some salt according to taste
    9. 2 tablespoons of butter
    10. 3 wraps or chapati
    11. 6 tablespoons of tomato sauce
    12. ½ cups of lettuce to be wrapped thinly
    13. 1 carrot to be wrapped thinly
    14. ½ onion, thinly sliced
    15. 3 tablespoons of green chutney

    How to prepare

    In the beginning, take a pan and then put some oil to it. Also, then add capsicum to saute them well. Then add the boiled mashed potato to the mixture and then keep adding the listed crumbled paneer, powdered chilli, garam masala, chaat masala, and salt to mix them well. You then have to mash the potatoes so far.

    Then, begin on a new tawa to add some butter. Then put the chapati, or wrap to further add the butter roast from both the sides, flipping. After that, you can open a side of the chapati to add some tomato sauce to it with some chopped lettuce and carrot and then add the prepared stuffing in a cylindrical shape. Finally, add some green chutney to it, wrap and roll it completely.

    Hold it tight to pack your roll!

    4. Aloo Paratha


    This food preparation is so in trend, just as it has the children’s favourite potato in it. Potatoes are definitely a very good source of fiber and are also full of antioxidants. Also, they are a good source of vitamin C for your toddler. You can pack the preparation with raita/tomato sauce/green chutney of your choice.

    Ingredients to keep ready:

    1. 2 cups of wheat flour
    2. ½ tablespoon of salt
    3. Water for kneading purposes
    4. 2 tablespoon oil
    5. 3 potato/aloo in boiled and mashed form
    6. 1 tablespoon of ginger paste
    7. 2 finely chopped chilli
    8. ½ tablespoon of coriander seeds
    9. ¼ tablespoon of ajwain/carom seeds
    10. 1 tablespoon of powdered chilli
    11. ½ tablespoon of powdered cumin
    12. ½ tablespoon of garam masala
    13. ¾ tablespoon of amchur powder
    14. ½ tablespoon of salt
    15. For dusting purposes, wheat flour
    16. Oil for roasting

    How to prepare

    First, take the wheat flour and add ½ tablespoon salt to it. Mix them well. Then, add half cup of water to knead the dough properly. As the dough gets ready, add some oil to it and once again knead it properly. Tuck the dough and keep it aside. Also, grease the excess oil, in case. Cover it up and let it rest for 20 minutes.

    To prepare the aloo stuffing, take the boiled and mashed potatoes as mentioned, then keep adding the mentioned ginger paste, chilli, coriander, coriander seeds, the ajwain, chilli powder, cumin powder, garam masala, amchur and salt, and at last mix them well. You are then ready with your aloo stuffing.

    Slightly knead the super-soft dough to extract a ball sized dough. Next, sprinkle some wheat flour to dust on the rolling board and then use the rolling pin to make a 4 inch round size small chapati. Furthermore, stuff it with the aloo stuffing, you had prepared already, to then pack it from all the sides. Quiet sometimes the stuffed ball needs more rolling to become a round chapati. Put it on a fresh hot tawa and cook uniformly with oil/butter of your choice.

    And your aloo paratha is ready to serve!

    5. Nutri Pancake Veggie Roastie


    Pancakes, oh pancakes!

    That time dating back to 600 BC, in ancient Greece, these pancakes emerged as a trend and became more famous when a poet described them in his writings! Yes! A poet’s poem and cakes, no sorry, pancakes! Adding to it the word pancake just got better and better and then there comes this Nutritional Pancake Veggie Roastie for your young one.

    Let’s explore this healthy one!

    Ingredients to keep ready:

    1. RAVA (Sumolina/suji), required1 cup, coarse.
    2. ¼ cup Curd
    3. ½ tablespoon salt
    4. 3/4th cup water
    5. 2 tablespoon oil
    6. ½ finely chopped onion
    7. 1 carrot
    8. ½ finely chopped capsicum
    9. 3 tablespoon of sweet corn
    10. 5 finely chopped beans
    11. ½ tablespoon chilli flakes
    12. ½ tablespoon of salt
    13. 2 tablespoon coriander
    14. ½ tablespoon of fruit salt(chaat masala) or eno
    15. 2 tablespoon of water
    16. Oil for roasting

    How to prepare

    To start with the veggie batter preparation, take the Rava as mentioned in a bowl, add curd, salt, water (as mentioned) and mix them well. Beat the batter for a minute to make it smooth and let it rest for 10-11 minutes.

    To stir fry and cook veggies, take some oil in a fresh pan, add chopped onions to it and saute it slightly. Remember, not to fry it too brown. Add your carrot, capsicum, sweet corn, beans, chilli flakes, salt and saute it well, properly, for a minute. Fry till the veggies get a bit crispier and let it cool completely.

    After cooling, mix the veggies in the Rava batter prepared before and finalise it by adding coriander to it. Mix all of them completely till the time they are combined properly. Then, add the eno or fruit salt as advised and then add water. Mix them till the batter becomes a bit Frothy.

    Take a fresh small pan. Pour 3 tablespoons of oil into it and then add on the veggie batter. Spread it uniformly to let it cover all the sides.Cover the lid and leave it for 3 minutes on a simmer gas flame.After that flip over the pancake to cook it more for 2 more minutes on a simmer flame.

    Your crispy and tasty veggie pancake is ready to serve.

    Pointers to remember:

    Use all the ingredients in the quantity as mentioned.

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