11 Incredible Memories Of A Baby Journey You Want To Share

11 Incredible Memories Of A Baby Journey You Want To Share

To become a new mom is an incredible experience. It is totally an eternal feeling for every mother. When you get really new things in your life you feel enormous and have unexpected feelings which you can not even express. And if it is related to a new born child it is a really awesome feeling which you have never experienced before. It is like a medicine in the crucial period of life.

One quote is here suits to the whole process-

“Time goes by so fast, enjoy every minute of it.”

To make these beautiful memories forever we should maintain a record because after the age of 3 or 4, all memories go flying and only some imprints remain in the mind. So a mother or father can store all the memories of the early age of a kid and make them feel good in old age.

After research we can store memories about following points such as-

newborn memories 

First Roll Over

This is really a big task for an early age baby because at that time it is really hard to even roll or crawl at the same place. But that moment is really precious for the parents to see their baby do such a wonderful thing.

First Food

This is really a crucial part of the kid's growth, mother should know about the best tummy food for the newborn because we have to take care of the kids health and growth at the same time. So all the tummy food should be healthy and pure.

Amazing Laugh

Laughing is an incredible medicine to forget and remain calm in any typical situation. When we see kids laughing it gives us an amazing feeling and experience which boosts our retired feelings. Kids' first giggle is a nectar for everyone.

Cute Smile

In the first week of newborn we can see them smile even when they are sleeping. It is really a mystery what they see and smile in their dreams. Do we remember the first smile given by a baby? So to make it more valuable parents always maintain a record of sweet memories for their future life.

Beautiful First Word

This is really more exciting for mommy and daddy to hear at the first time his or her name by their soft and melodious voice. This is really a special memory for ever and ever they feel.

Tight Sleepovers

It is really a victory when we make our little baby sleep. It is an art and every new mother should learn it. When we see the cute to sleep it gives an amazing and inexpressible feeling. It is really hard to make them sleep very easily, it’s an art.

Go Outing With Baby

It can be intimidating to leave the house with a new infant. Where have you been? How long did it take you to escape? When you look back on this one, the more specifics, the better. These are the very big questions that come in even if they can not even say anything.

Celebrate Your Kid's First Birthday

This is really exciting for everyone and everyone waits for that great moment. When the time has come all are very busy in planning and making the event historical forever. Parents choose fabulous birthday dresses for girl and birthday dresses for boy kids which add more cuteness.

First Tooth Comes

Although teething can be quite painful, the development of a first tooth is joyful! Which gives a beautiful experience for everyone. Mommy sees the first tooth coming out, gives blush on her face.

Doctor Visits

As we all know kids are very sensitive and easily affected by any outer bacteria or virus. At that time we need to go to the doctor and this is also a great experience to visit with a little baby in our godi.

Painful Injury

It's the time when little babies try to learn to walk and stand on their feet, many times they fall and get injured. It is really hard for a mother to see but it is a growing process. So everyone has to go through it. But getting injured is really painful but a very essential step in growing.

Above are some aspects we try to figure out but except these numerous aspects are untouched. Hope you enjoyed reading and can get more excitement. So can explore how to wash your baby clothes - 10 important FAQs also.

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