30 Motivational "Thought Of The Day" Quotes For Kids To Brighten Their Day!

30 Motivational "Thought Of The Day" Quotes For Kids To Brighten Their Day!

The start of the day must be motivational and full of energy. It indeed is something which can be very fruitful for a wonderful day. There must be some ways by which you can keep yourself and your kids motivated towards the ups and downs of life.

So, to ease down your stress level and to energise you and your kids, here are some of the most motivating thoughts of the day.

Let’s scroll down to get energised!

  1. Dreams don’t work, unless you do!
  2. Everything is easy if you are crazy. Nothing will be easy if you are lazy!
  3. One kind word can change someone’s entire day!
  4. Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile and start again!
  5. No one can make you happy until you are happy with yourself first!
  6. Childhood is a short season, live it to the fullest!
  7. Reading is a phenomenon of dreaming with eyes wide open!
  8. Forget about the failures and work hard for success!
  9. The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle!
  10. Small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life!
  11. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!
  12. Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale!
  13. Everything you can imagine is real!
  14. A new day brings new possibilities, that means we can all start a-fresh, we can all shed yesterday's skin and mold a new day's flesh!
  15. Anybody can make a difference. As long as we stay focused, we can make change happen!
  16. We often only realize how strong we are when being strong is our only option!
  17. Sunsets are proof that happy endings exist, but they're also proof that there is still more to come!
  18. Love brings life. Wisdom brings light and Truth brings freeness!
  19. Mistakes are proof that you are trying!
  20. It’s okay to not know, but it’s not okay to not try!
  21. Winners are not the ones who never fail, but the ones who never quit!
  22. The world is full of kind people, if you can’t find one, Be one!
  23. Believe in the person you want to become!
  24. Your life isn’t yours if you always care what others think!
  25. Kindness is free, sprinkle it everywhere!
  26. Your attitude determines your direction!
  27. Do the right thing, even when no one is looking!
  28. Life is the best when you are laughing!
  29. You will survive and you will find purpose in the chaos. Moving on doesn’t mean letting go!
  30. Success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination!


Concluding such types of blogs isn’t that easy as the thought of the day is not just limited to a certain number, here sky's the limit. Most commonly reading a motivational thought per day is considered as a very good habit for kids, although at times it might skip, so nothing much to be strict about.

Try to give the best values to your kids as these thoughts do, as at times the things we read are found having more emphasis as compared to the things we keep listening from our elders.