Online Class Activities Idea For Kids

Online Class Activities Idea For Kids

During the pandemic, there came a concept of online classes, where with the help of numerous platforms students can get connected with various education facilitators and dive into the pool of academics and extracurricular activities. Here are few of those online activities where learners can get involved virtually.

As the time went on it was felt that the online classes were no less than a lecture full of boring topics. As usual class interactions are way more interesting.

So in order to resolve such issues here are some of the online classroom activities which can be done in order to keep more active during the online classes in order to let them learn more effectively.

1. Add Quick Draw to their Daily Routine

Adding a pinch of art and colours is always fun, asking students to draw a picture related to the lesson or topic at the beginning of the class helps to calm down and get class ready.

These are the activities which are found indulging kids a lot. At times they might be that excited that they would definitely grab a lot from the class knowledge as well.

2. Online Quiz

Question answering sessions are always the best ice-breaker. Keep the questions easy to maximise student participation and boost their morale. Give rotation chances to all and make sure everyone participates.

Classes can also be monotonous at times may it be online or offline. Here are pro tips to eradicate this boredom.

This is not just a game, but learning is full of fun. Quiz is the best source of giving knowledge to anyone. So this can be a way in which you will be able to keep their interest stagnant and make them dedicated towards learning.

You can also add to this some brain teasers which are definitely helpful in increasing the IQ level of your little one. You can give ready to 25 brain teasers for kids to get to know some of the brain teasers for your little one.

3. Youtube Kids

Family yet friendly videos are one of the safest and simplest fun experiences for kids. Youtube kids is a sort of fun learning experience with a wider range of topics and tools for parents as well.

There are various such virtual entertaining shows available on youtube which are not just made with the aim of entertaining your little one but at the same time can be a stress booster or a mood fluctuator for your little one.

4. Virtual Writing Practice

An online platform where students can build their confidence, can chunk writing assignments and create a lively audience. It is great for teachers to engage students and personalise their learning experience. Remember to anticipate misconceptions.

Kids are usually found to be shy before disclosing any of their project openly, whereas here they can develop a practice about the same which can help in their overall development as well as something different then theory studying.

5. A View at Art Galleries

Real time experience is something world is thriving for. Virtual tours at Art Galleries can give visual experience to students by stepping inside various galleries and experiencing paintings and various art forms from their study desk.

Pandemic had brought certain restrictions for physically visiting the places, for this there was a convenience to visit all such places virtually to make kids aware about all the different types of art galleries and other factors.

6. Learning Through Animation

By adding animated characters into the presentation of lessons it makes it more interesting and easy to grasp. It improves learning capacities and acts as a supportive tool in fostering learning.

Animator designing is something which is mainly done to impress and interact with kids. The cartoons and characters are not real; these are a part of animation which helps in making them feel interested in the world.

7. Technical Interaction

Screen time detracts from personal interaction with teachers and peers that is very essential for learning but right use of technology makes students feel involved and connected throughout. Design lessons by adding interactive sessions for student to content, teacher to student and student to student.

These types of interactions must include what all types of technology is being used in the making of gadgets, instead of letting them play games on it.

Playing games and enjoyment time is also necessary but it must not be compromised with the learning part.


To cope up with the situation in all possible ways is the only solution. Online classes can be fun and at the same time be monotonous for students , engaging them into interactive sessions, adding fun elements to lessons, reducing screen reading time and increasing visual learning practices and also by giving them timely short minute breaks can increase their attention power and make their learning experiences more engaging.

You must refer to some of the other online activities too which are indeed a good option for the kids who tend to get bored by the online classes.