Top 8 Leading Return Gift Ideas For Kid’s Birthday!

Return gifts are always given with a motive to please someone, and it is especially the most difficult task to please the kids. This is not because you cannot find what can be gifted, this is because you need to give something which gets connected to the little one and which can give him/her a feeling of delight.

So are you one amongst those who feel really difficult to decide what could be gifted as a return gift? Then this handy guide full of outstanding ideas would definitely help you in finding the best useful return gift for a kid’s birthday.

1. Piggy Bank

birthday return gift ideas for kids piggy bank

The correct age to teach anything is childhood, and saving money or utilising it properly is the best thing which we could teach a child. Therefore, if you have this in your mind then you can definitely gift a piggy bank.

Make sure that you select a piggy bank which looks a little attractive, like a one with any cartoon printed, or shaped or any other such type. Thinking in this way will make the kid connect to your gift along with its purpose.

2. Globe

birthday return gift ideas for kids globe

If the little one is grown up enough and has a wardrobe or probably a room full of video games, soft toys, etc. then this is absolutely the gift which is missing his/her range. You must gift a revolving globe which can help them in learning about the so called boring subject Social Science and various facts about our planet earth.

Very commonly children are found having confusion with similar type words, like revolution and rotation, here a globe will be there to resolve their mysteries and will definitely give them an interesting learning.

3. Story Books

birthday return gift ideas for kids story book

It is very well known that the books are one of the best friends one could ever have. So you must have got an idea of where we are heading towards. Obviously this too is an outstanding return gift idea, but there is still a segregation amongst these.

You need to select the type of book which must be gifted, as gifting a non-fiction to an adult child might be a bad option, or gifting a novel to a little kid can be awful. So, you must know exactly which category would suit the kid perfectly.

4. Slate

birthday return gift ideas for kids piggy bank slate

Doodling and writing at times is a real fun, especially for the toddlers. So for making the activity more interesting for them, you can give them a slate as a return gift wherein anything can be easily written and wiped off.

These can be a learning activity too for all those parents who find it difficult for their little ones to make them practice writing exercises.

5. A Set Of Attractive Mug And Spoon

birthday return gift ideas for kids piggy bank attractive mug and spoon=

The biggest challenge which parents usually face is to encourage their little ones to drink milk, as it is the worst thing which they ever want to do.

So to ease this conflict you can give them a set of attractive mug and spoon as a return gift which can be of a cartoon print embossed or a cartoon shaped or any other to develop their interests towards drinking healthy drinks.

6. Brain Teasers

birthday return gift ideas for kids piggy bank brain teasers

Kids are usually found having endless games with them and especially when it comes to video games, so do you think is it worth giving them more games?

There is one game which can be given as a return gift, which can be a brain teaser, that can be enjoyed by them and is also very useful in developing the skills of the kids. These types of games must be gifted which can make learning fun for them. Another example of a brain teaser can be a puzzle game as well.

7. Multi Colour Pencils

birthday return gift ideas for kids piggy bank multi colour pencils

If your kid is a pencil lover, then he/she would have always dreamt for the colourful pencils which he/she could use for writing, drawing etc. It would have been even great if they could be a good quality complete wood pencils which are found having a better quality.

At times it is quite tedious for parents to get their kids practice writing, although nothing is better than a multi colour pencil set which would certainly develop an interest in the mind of your little one intending to let him/her work on their assignments.

8. Crayons And Drawing Book

birthday return gift ideas for kids piggy bank crayons and drawing book

Colouring and drawing is an activity which is made to be performed by the kids to make them aware of the different types of colours along with which the aim is to observe their level of creativity.

A drawing book to a box of crayon adds more value. They get keenly indulged into drawing and colouring activity which is a complete worth of your money as well as your emotions towards that particular kid and gift.


A perfect end to your kid’s birthday party is by giving away return gifts. This is one of the most beautiful things which you and your little one would always wish for. All the gifts which are mentioned above will definitely please the little one’s as well as will strengthen some or the other hidden facts of their personality.

If you are looking to select apparels as return gifts then you must not skip viewing the outstanding collection of Mumkins for boys and girls to let them enhance their look exceedingly.

So what are you waiting for? Be the one to gift one of the most exclusive kid’s return gift to let them get extremely delighted!