Top 5 Tips to Buy Kids Jewellery

Top 5 Tips to Buy Kids Jewellery

Buying or gifting kids’ jewellery is a way in which you can keep some most awaited memories alive, this can be done by bringing the best jewel for your kid. You can also find endless design patterns, colors, and shapes for kids’ accessories from which one can select the accoutrement depending upon the type of occasion. 

There are certain points that should be taken care of before gifting or buying any jewel for the kid.

Scroll down to know some of the tips to buy the perfect jewel for your toddler.   

1. There are various types of jewels that can be selected but it is important to keep in mind the size range and the perfect size that can fit your little one.

For Rings

If your kid is fond of any cartoon then you can select kids jewellery in dainty designs of jewels that attract your kid the most. Considering its size one should buy the perfect size neither being too tight nor too loose so that wearing it does not become difficult for your toddler. The smallest size known for kids is EU 44 and goes up to EU 53 depending upon the finger frame of your little one.

For Bracelets

This jewellery set for kids can be an ideal gift that is added up to a well-dressed kid in order to give an enhanced look. The size selected should not be too loose which might result in slipping off but it should be kept easily movable. Some common sizes which are known for children aging 3-9 years range from 5 to 7 inches which can be selected according to the preference of the event.

For Pendants  

When it comes to buying a pendant for your baby girl you must find the most unique piece which makes her feel special as the kids get attracted towards unique and creatively designed jewels. If you feel that you need to fetch a pendant with a perfect size then it can simply be measured using a scale and a pen, although if that does not seem to be possible then you can select from a common size range of 14 inches to 16 inches but it is easy to find an accurate size pendant for a kid as compared to other jewels.

2. Selection of the jewel according to the type of occasion

As adults have a wide category of jewelries made for wearing different ones on different occasions, then the same needs to be followed while buying jewellery for kids. Every event or occasion should have a unique and special jewel in the right combination with their favorite outfits. Below mentioned are several events on which you can give these accessories.

For New-Born Baby

It is one of the most remarkable moments of life when a child takes birth. To make this moment more special you can give kids jewellery like gold kada, bracelets or payal to the kid. 

First Birthday Gift

For selecting the most commendable jewel piece for a kids first birthday one must know the interests of the kids, like you can gift a colorful bracelet if the kid loves colors, or if the kids love cartoons, you can gift jewels with whimsical designs which attract the kids attention. You can also gift kids jewellery with a birth month gemstone or a milestone that commemorates the child’s birth month.

3. Make sure that the jewel which you buy is an original material that will avoid the chances of skin allergies or diseases.

4. Select neither too gaudy nor too sophisticated jewel pieces, as in both of the cases the kid shall not feel delighted by wearing it.

5. Strictly select only those jewels which are properly finished and do not have any sharp or bulging edges which could harm your little one.

These are some of the important tips which one should necessarily keep in mind before selecting the jewel and in order to buy wisely without being deceived.