8 Tips To Improve Handwriting Of Your Kid

8 Tips To Improve Handwriting Of Your Kid

It is a challenge when the kids are introduced to pencils, as it is one of the most critical things which they are about to learn. Writing is such a thing which takes birth along with an individual, which certainly does not mean that it shouldn’t be worked upon.

There are endless complaints which the parents do quite often, and most amongst those are related to the hand writing of the kids. Most Mommys and Daddys are concerned about improving their little ones' handwriting.

So, if you are one amongst them, then you will certainly feel quite helpful after reading the below tips to improve handwriting for your kid.

1. Grasp A Pencil Properly

improve handwriting with grasp pencil properly

Writing with a pencil might seem to be quite interesting in the initial days, but it is important to know that it can be mundane if the technique is not perfect. You must know that everything has a technique, and so is the thing here.

You must teach your little one to properly grasp a pencil at first, as holding it properly won’t make their hands hurt.

Parents are found complaining that their kids have poor writing, so the first and the most basic step towards handwriting improvement can be this.

2. Focus on Letter Formation

focus on letter formation to improve kid handwriting

There are various types of formation of letters, may it be capital or running, may it be numeric or any other type.

So, first of all it is important for you to teach them to form letters in the most appropriate form. For this you can buy them some practice books which will help them in making the letters clearly as well as will develop a level of interest in their learning part.

3. Practice Cursive Handwriting

practice cursive to improve kid handwriting

Once you find your little one being handy with the above two things, then you can try to increase a level up in their learning by simply introducing cursive writing.

Cursive writing seems to be quite easy, but only then if you have a good command on the types of letters. So, for this make them handy with the letter formation and then motivate them to practise cursive handwriting more often.

At times to make it interesting you can also do cursive handwriting practice with them to make it fun and to let them know what type of result they are expected to achieve.

4. Use Slant Writing Boards for Practice

slant writing boards to improve kids handwriting

Children might get bored by writing using a pencil, so to make it a little different you can let them practice at the slant writing boards at times.

But make sure that it is not done on a regular basis as this might affect the handwriting of the toddler.

5. Make Practicing Fun

make practicing fun to improve kids handwriting

Writing practice is one of the most mundane activities according to the children, although it is very important, but it should be noted that if there is some fun added to it, the execution would be easier.

So, try to add some fun to the activity, like you can have a handwriting competition or any such activity to motivate them as well as to develop their interest.

6. Use Right Tools

Use right tool to improve kids handwriting

Writing with a pencil is quite essential when kids are in their learning stage, but it is also important for them to know about the types of tools which are used along with it.

For instance, if your kid is writing with a pencil which has a blunt nib, then probably you won’t be able to get the desired result.

Therefore, it is important for you to make him aware of tools like sharpener, eraser, ruler etc. which can be used for improving the results.

Also, teach them how to sharp the pencil, erase without tearing the paper, etc. as these are also found having an equivalent importance.


7. Practice Writing Inside the Box

practice writing inside the box to improve kids handwriting

Once all these levels are achieved then it is the time to make the things a little more complex. So now what you should introduce is to let your little one write inside a box.

This is the activity which is responsible for developing space management, as most of the kids have the habit of leaving a lot of space within words which does not look good when the result is expected.

You must show them some of the tutorials as well as visual training is one of the best way by which kids grab very quickly.

8. Focus on Particular Problems (if any)

focus on particular problem to improve kids handwriting

If all these are perfect with your kid, and you still face the handwriting issue then there are probably some which the toddler is facing.

Try to diagnose such types of problems to get better results in less time. You can also refer to some of the video tutorials to know what types of problems kids face while they start writing using a pencil.

Do not make it very serious, just try to resolve it calmly, as learning can never be done forcefully.


For all the parents who seemed to be quite concerned about their kids handwriting would start to feel a bit relaxing. These are some of the best tips which if followed properly will definitely give you expected results.

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Enjoy Learning!