8 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Child For Pre-School

8 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Child For Pre-School

Are you preparing your child for pre- school?

Does he/she seem confident enough to give up the clingy behavior?

So, here are some of the tips to prepare your toddler to help feel more confident in pre-school by practicing a few activity based skills at home.

A study says that it takes a child around 2 months to adjust to a new routine and it's always a good idea to start early.

So here are some activities which will help you in using them to build skills in all areas including fine motor skills, self-help, IQ development, visual motor skills and social/emotional skills.

1. Fix Sleep Schedule

In case your child is staying up late at night and waking up late. So this is the first step where the correction needs to be done.

Kids of the age around 2-3 require an approximate 11 to 14 hours sleeping.

So now the first step is to tuck them early to bed so that they wake up fresh and enthusiastic and keep such a schedule consistent.

Remember a groggy child will always end up cranky and irritable at school.

2. Prior Preparation

Talk to your child about these changes in an upbeat manner, about how they are going to meet new people and make new friends and learn new things.

Try not to let them remain introverts.

Make them understand how they can talk to their teacher if they don't feel alright and otherwise as well.

Make them keep their tone positive and upbeat cause a child quickly picks up on the reactions of the trusted adults of their lives.

3. Express And Acknowledge The Feelings

Let your child be expressive and make them understand how it is absolutely normal to have a range of emotions like feeling happy, sad, excited, scared, anxious and how what they are feeling should be expressed in words.

Also listen closely and pay attention to their fear's. Understand what is causing them discomfort. 

You might also notice some changes in your child's behavior as they work through their feelings. 

Healthy interactions with your child will help encourage optimal brain development as well as healthy emotional development of your child. 

Learn that your child is an individual and every individual needs good friends around them. Make them learn how to be friends with other kids at the school. Educating them with the essence of sharing.

4. Read Them To Bed

Make sure to integrate reading books, especially the ones with moral values in them.

Inculcating a good habit from a young age is a must for your kid's growth and development.

Such a habit will also help strengthen your child's phonic skills and more preparation in learning how to read. Also preach what you practice.

5. Toilet Training

This can be one amongst the major worries for you being a parent, but do not worry much about it. Mostly all the schools are generally equipped to handle the diaper disasters.

Nevertheless it would still be great if your baby is toilet trained, and also if not it's absolutely okay too.

6. Be Prepared For Tears

Of course, there will be tears and little puppy faces and weepy eyes. Separation anxiety is absolutely normal for both the parent and the child.

Waving a goodbye is going to be really hard for the initial few days, be patient and always stay positive around your little ones. Lastly, breathe, relax and enjoy this fascinating new phase in your child's life.

7. Healthy Interactions Post School

Once your little one has finally reached home, you need to have some healthy interactions which must include each day’s activity.

These interactions can be helpful at times when your little one tends to feel uncomfortable going to school in the initial days.

8. Prepare Their Bags A Day Prior

This can be one of the most appreciable things which you must do, and should also teach your little one about the same too. This is the thing which is and will be helpful in the future too.

Therefore, you must try to inculcate this habit in your little one’s day to day activity to let them help in the near future too.


By now it can be easily understood that making the preparations for your little one’s pre-school does not seem to be that easy. And so here were some of the most helpful tips which will surely be helpful for you being parents to prepare them for the pre-schools.

You can also have a look at some quirky ways by which you can make preparations for their pre-schools in an even better way.

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