6 Tips To Teach Your Kids To Share

6 Tips To Teach Your Kids To Share

Teaching your toddlers to share is one of the most difficult tasks which is assigned to the parents, as it isn’t that easy. But nothing much to worry about, it isn’t that difficult either.

Here are some of the most important tips which can help you in teaching your toddlers to share. So let’s dive in!

1. Try To Narrate Your Gestures

It is observed that kids mostly try to copy your gestures, the way you react to things, the way you handle them. So the way you do things you become a model, which is a key for them to learn things. 

There are a lot of parents who are trying to teach their kids to share, but they fail to explain what they are doing while they are narrating the actions. So it is important to explain to them if you share with them in order to make them feel what exactly you are doing.

2. Let Them Mix Up With Other Kids

It is highly recommended to make sure that your child gets practiced well by being around the other children. It is observed that the children learn to share when they are in the company of other kids by spending time and playing with them. 

For this, you must put your kid in a place where they can practice sharing and be shared properly.

3. Step Back

This is a quite difficult step for the parents whereas sometimes the best thing which one can do being a parent is to step back and let the little one try to work it out on their own. 

There are various famous child psychologists who say that if the negotiations between the children move from verbal to physical, then the adult intervention cannot be that helpful. So, try to let them do and observe from their actions to train them even well. 

4. Appreciate Them When They Share

Any new inculcation in the day to day life needs an appreciation which can take the practice a long way. An appreciation provides a positive reinforcement which can include a smile, applause along with and excitement when the child attempts to share with others. This positivity serves as a tremendous motivating factor while teaching children.

5. Make It Fun

Teach your little one the cooperative games in which they need to work together with others, instead of the competitive games which only focus on winning. Such things can be inspired by jigsaw puzzles together, taking turns to add pieces or the balloons can be blown up and played to keep it up.

6. Do Not Scold Your Child For Not Sharing

Scolding your child for not sharing can make him feel embarrassed in front of his friends whereas if you scold your child by saying selfish or forceful to hand over a prized possession as this might give negative consequences about sharing.

This should not be done as this can sometimes make the kids defensive, which can make it much more difficult to learn new skills. So try to give your lil ones some easy way to learn and appreciate them for each and every step towards sharing.

These are some of the most important tips about which every parent should know in order to make their child learn how to share.