5 Interesting Topics To Talk With Your Grandparents!

5 Interesting Topics To Talk With Your Grandparents!

It is fun visiting our grandparents on the vacations or at various occasions, but have you ever realised that there are numerous topics which would be loved by the grandparents if you talk to them regarding that. But are you aware of those topics?  If not then reading this blog will definitely help you in knowing about certain topics which can be loved by them to converse on. Scroll down to know more.

1. Topics About Past

Grandparents are quite concerned for their kids or grandkids due to their experience on certain things. So you can converse with them regarding their past. Some of the questions which you can ask are as follows:

i. Who was your best friend? What all incidents you remember were fun for you guys?
ii. What was one of the best gifts given to you by your friends?
iii. How did you manage things when you got into any troublesome situation?
iv. What was the first job which you got and what was the stipend or salary paid?
v. What are the things which you are grateful for?
vi. What was your favourite subject?

2. Inspirational Topics

Talking to grandparents includes various inspirational topics too and there are times when we get to learn a lot from our grandparents as their lives are full of experiences. So if you wish to grab some information from your grandparents to be inspired with you can have a look at some of the below mentioned questions:

i. If you could be any age, what age would you wish for?
ii. If you found Rs. 1000 lying on the floor, what would you do with it?
iii. Have you ever helped anyone who was in urgent need of anything?
iv. What makes a good friend?
v. A story which can inspire the most.

3. Political Topics

Politics calls out for opinion, and this can be a very important topic to converse with grandparents. So here are some of the topics which can be selected to converse with your grandparents and to develop interest in talking.

i. What makes you judge which could be our best leader?
ii. What is the technical logic behind the budget debate?
iii. Why is it mandatory for each citizen to vote?
iv. If you were a minister what would you do at first?
v. The best implementation you could do to politics.

4. Funny Topics

Fun is the foremost required element which mustn’t be skipped ever. You must be indulged into some conversations that make you laugh. You must know what all the funny things your grandparents would do to freshen up their minds. Therefore, here are some of the important topics which can be referred to for starting the conversation on funny topics.

i. What is the funniest face you have ever made?
ii. Which is the best joke which you can laugh on forever?
iii. Which was your most mischievous activity, that made everyone laugh?
iv. If you were invisible, where would you love to go?
v. Which is better? Being funny or honest?

5. Eating And Playing Habits

We are trying to lean a lot towards modern eating habits, although which isn’t that healthy as compared to the diet taken by our grandparents. So you must converse with your grandparents on the eating habits which has consistently given them fitness, and not only limited to this you must also get to know the playing habits too.

i. What was your favourite lunch in your school time?
ii. What was your favourite food when you were in higher education institutions?
iii. Which sport did you like the most?
iv. If you could eat one fruit for your whole life, what would be the one?
v. Your favourite food.


There are endless such topics which can be talked upon when you are sitting next to your grandparents. It is not necessary that these topics need to be knowledge giving only, you can go in for some leisure talks as well to indulge into any type of conversation with them.

Other than this you can also refer to some of the activities which can be done with your grandparents to create an interesting part into their lives. Refer to some of the activities which can be done with your grandparents too.