Eid Dresses Ideas For Kids 2022

Eid Dresses Ideas For Kids 2022

Table of Contents

  1. What is Eid-Ul-Fitr?
  2. How is sweet Eid celebrated?
  3. And what about Eidi?
  4. Time to plan Eidi before Eid celebration
    1. Eid dresses for girls
    2. Eid dresses for boys
  5. Some bonus suggestions to Eid dresses for kids idea for 2022
    1. The Happiness of Green
    2. The only colour black
    3. The charm and calm of white
    4. A sparkle of yellow

It is going to be a happy EID soon, but before that let’s explore some cultural learnings of the festival.

What is EID-UL-FITR?

A festival of smiles, fresh vibes and liveliness, acknowledged worldwide by the Muslim community, originally embarks the beginning of first day of “Shawwal” according to the Islamic calendar. After 30 days of fast keeping from dawn to sunset by the community members, there comes the end of Ramadan.

How is sweet Eid celebrated?

EID-UL-FITR, is commonly known as “Meethi Eid or Sweet Eid”.

Let the light of the crescent moon shine bright in your eyes and from there let the shine spread and fill the world with dreams of wonder, all with love, filled to smile.

To the day, when you will say: Eid Mubarak! meaning, happy Eid! and from there to the rituals of the day. So, the day is filled with activities of charity donations, sweet making and sharing, forgiving others, Lamp decorations and flowers and in the end celebrations with family and friends.

And what about Eidi?

Children are the liveliest part of any occasion and hence contribute to the celebration wealth fully! But, what do these children get in return? So, when talking about Eid, the children are bestowed with Eidi, meaning gifts, an envelope of money is prepared to gift them.

Time to plan Eidi before Eid celebration

Yes, here’s how you should judiciously plan to spend your Eidi amount in advance in  an effective manner. So, here’s what you have to choose from the Ethnic wear Eid collection updated for you, right here at Mumkins!

Eid dresses for girls

The ethnic wear collection, here at Mumkins, will provide you a variety of patterns and styles to choose from. For girls, starting from the most eminent and loved plazo and salwar suits are now available to choose from.


The suits come in a variety of colour options and styling patterns. All the pieces are bright and are the best picks curated for an Eid evening.

Eid dresses for boys

The ethnic wear collection is now the latest of all and also updated for boys, having a range of pieces to choose from! The most loved piece for the boys section has Kurta Pyjama, and is the best-selling wear in the boys ethnic section.


The kurta-pyjama suit comes in a variety of colours to choose from and is the best selection for your toddler’s Eid evening.

Some bonus suggestions to Eid dresses for kids idea for 2022

1. The Happiness of Green

girls green ethnic eid wear
boys green ethnic eid wear


2. The only colour black

girls black ethnic eid wear
boys black ethnic eid wear


3. The charm and calm of white

girls white ethnic eid wear
boys white ethnic eid wear


4. A sparkle of yellow

girls ethnic eid wear
boys ethnic eid wear


The above mentioned colour suggestions are an add-on to your Eid wardrobe collection. These colour suggestions are widely accepted and are always a trend on the day!

One can also pick a mix of combined colours, now available at the store collection.

Happy ending for the happy Eid

So, this Eid, walk-in with your toddler to the store or present them the collection online and in the end set them free for the Eidi gift of their choice. Let them be free to pick the colour and design of their choice, because, as it is well-said, your child is the innocent face of god.

Good wishes!