Bellies for Girls


      Buy kid girls shoes online from Mumkins

      Mumkins is a popular kid's brand specializing in selling kid's products. We understand the importance of fine quality kids wear online that are skin-friendly, comfortable and meet their growing age.

      We have experience upgrading the fashion style of millions of children across India and other countries. With our expertise and the trust of customers, we are taking a step further towards an online kid's footwear range.

      We aim to deliver trendy kid's shoes for girls in unmatched quality and fit. Our footwear collection consists of party-wear belly shoes for kid girl in cute motifs and sparkling embellishments. They are exquisite choices to wear with kids frocks or girlish gowns. And, that’s not the only shoes, there are more trends coming on the way!

      Buy the most trending shoes for girl kids in India

      In 2023, there are several styles introduced in belly design for girls. We have listed the most popular and high-demand shoe trends in girl's bellies Online to buy at Mumkins.

      1. Glitter and Sequins: Kids love sparkling ballerina shoes. The shiny glitter and sequins are the most sought-after shoes for kids. You can pair them with any party wear dress for special occasions. They will surely add a touch of glamour to the outfit.
      2. Light Pastel Shades: Buy belly shoes for girl in soft colours at Mumkins. This year, colours like baby pink, peach, blue and lavender are in vogue. Give your girl a dreamy look in a formal gown or party wear midi for girls with kid's belly footwear in pastel.
      3. Metallic Tone: Another trendy pattern to buy in ballerina shoes for kids at Mumkins is the metallic finish. Colours like gold, silver, bronze and rose gold are the favourite choice for girls. You can choose ballet flats or Mary Jane ballet flats for parties and formal events for a sophisticated look.
      4. Embellished shoes: Buy girl's ballet flats online with a charming bow, rhinestone buckle or flowers that look adorable on kids. They can add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the overall appearance.

      These are the trends in girls' ballet shoes this year. But, one thing to always consider is selecting a girl's shoes that suit her personality and are comfortable for your daughter.

      Sizes available in kid girls sandals shoes online

      When it comes to sizes in belly sandals for girls online, Mumkins offer a wide range to cater to all age groups of children. We understand the demand for girls' shoes for active feet grows quickly. That's why girls' ballet shoes are quality checked for proper support and comfort in all age sizes.

      You can find the perfect pair for your little one at Mumkins with the help of a size chart given with every girl's footwear. They are provided in both UK and EU size metrics, along with insole and outsole lengths for your convenience!

      Buy belly shoes for kids at mumkins for different occasions

      Belly shoes for girls enhance the whimsy appeal of the overall outfit. They are adaptable enough to pair for outdoor events, birthday celebrations, or weddings. We have also included detailed product images and descriptions to help you find the perfect belly shoes for a baby girl with the dress.

      Discover contrasting shoes with party wear dresses for girls online, all in one place. We have inculcated a collection of formal shoes for girls online that are comfortable to wear in summer and winter. Add socks for extra warmth to keep her feet cozy in cold weather. Rest assured, our Mary Jane ballet flats are adorned with motifs and securely attached embellishments so they won't fall off easily.

      Tips to buy perfect kids ballerina shoes for your girl online

      1. Consider the occasion: Every shoe is designed according to the event needed. Fancy shoes like bellies for girls and formal shoes for boys are ideal for special occasions and parties.

      2. The right fit is always the priority: The right fit is the most important thing to consider when buying shoes for kids. Parents usually purchase sizes a few inches bigger than their kids' feet. While we agree that kids' feet are always growing fast, the right fit is important to provide them comfort.

      It is because; if the shoes are smaller than their size, they can cause blisters and pain in their feet and on the other side, if they are bigger, they can trip and fall while running or walking.

      Tip: It is ideal to buy the exact size or just one size bigger than their actual size.

      3. Always buy quality products over less price: While kids are little, they can be tough on their shoes when playing and doing their mini adventures. So, the quality of the material in shoes is quite important.

      So, our kid's shoes have hard soles outside while the insole is soft for comfortable wear in the long term. Hence, living up to the price.

      4. Select supportive footwear: Kids' feet develop by age 2, but their bones are not fully developed. It is essential to look for kid's footwear that is supportive in their every step.

      That's why we sell lightweight ballerina shoes for kids for easy movement.

      We ensure the sole is durable enough to absorb the shock absorption since kids jump a lot. At the same time, a padded insole is unnecessary because they do not need special arch support.

      5. Don't miss out on style: Lastly, when buying shoes for your little walker, remember the golden rule: choose the style that suits your child's personality and makes them eager to wear.

      For this, you can involve your kid in the shoe selection process. These are the basic tips to select the best kid's shoes for your little one from Mumkins or any other kid's shoe brand.


      Q.1 What are ballerina shoes for kids?
      A.1 Ballerina's shoes are closed from the front and back. They come in different patterns and designs. The ballerina's ballet shoes inspire them.

      Q.2 Where can kids wear belly shoes for girls in India?
      A.2 Belly footwear is versatile shoes worn on special occasions like parties, family gatherings, festive events or weddings.

      Q.3 Can I wash my kid's belly shoes at home?
      A.3 Yes, you can wash ballet flats at home. Just wash them gently with your hands using mild detergent to clean dirt.

      Q.4 What is the minimum size you offer in kid's shoes for girls?
      A.4 We offer a minimum 3K (UK) size in girl's shoes that can fit up to 1-3-year-old infants.

      Q.5 Which type of closure is better in girl's sandals - lace or velcro?
      A.5 Velcro closure is better in girls' ballet shoes than lace. They are more comfortable to wear and walk around.

      Q.6 What type of kid's shoes should toddlers wear?
      A.6 When toddlers have just started to walk, they should wear flat kid's shoes with soles to provide proper movement comfort.

      Q.7 What features to look for in shoes for kids?
      A.7 Here are some basic features to look at when buying girl's belly footwear - Select the right feet with the help of a size chart.

      Buy shoes that are easy to wear and open when changing diapers, clothes, etc. Always buy quality over less price. Select shoes that are supportive of their feet.

      Q.8 Can I style my girl in ballet flats with an ethnic dress?
      A.8 You can style her in girl's ballet flats with ethnic wear. Select an outfit with a contemporary Western touch, like a palazzo for girls.

      Q.9 Are the ballerina shoes for kids comfortable to wear for a few hours?
      A.9 Yes, belly for girls at Mumkins are designed in soft material with flexible construction to provide natural foot movement for your kid without discomfort.

      Q.10 Do you offer returns and exchanges on party wear shoes for girls?
      A.10 Yes, we offer easy returns and exchanges on all kid's party wear. Make sure to request within 3 days after delivery.

      Q.11 Do you offer a gift card option for kids' shoes and clothing?
      A.11 Yes, you can buy gift cards; the person who receives them can buy any kids' product from Mumkins.