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      Jodhpuri suits are also known as bandhgala suits. They are symbols of timeless royalty and cultural heritage. And, play a key significance in the ethnic fashion of India. With this sherwani is also in trends. Over a century ago they were mostly worn by Maharajas of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

      But with time, they have evolved to become authentic formal wear for men. Not just men, Jodhpuri suits for boys have become quite popular in recent years.

      Jodhpuri suits are the most sought-after ethnic wear for special occasions like formal events, weddings, receptions, festivals, and other parties.

      What is meant by the Jodhpuri suit?

      The Jodhpuri suits, or bandhgala suit for boys, is a two-piece ensemble. It consists of a jacket tailored in rich fabric and trousers pants. It can be worn with a shirt or kurta inside.

      The jacket has a bandhgala, a closed neck, with a collar. It has a buttoned-up front and welt pockets. It is coordinated with pants that make formal boys Jodhpuri suits.

      These bandhgala suits for kids are designed in the finest quality of luxurious fabric such as cotton, silk, velvet, and brocade. They have intricate details of embroidery, prints, and textured motifs.

      Types of Bandhgala Suit for Boys

      Solid Color Jodhpuri Suits - Among all types, Boys Jodhpuri suits in solid color are the most sophisticated wear. They come in classic hues of black, blue, navy, and smokey grey. The jacket has a mandarin collar, buttoned up the front and solid color with no embellishments. It is paired with contrasting or the same color pants.

      Printed Jodhpuri Suits - Printed Jodhpuri suits for kids are stylish yet classic variations of boys suits. The fitted jacket features an all-over regal print or tropical print like flowers, leaves and plants. You can choose the pattern and prints according to your little man’s style and personality. The pants are usually straight or stylish, and you can choose according to the occasion.

      Ivory Jodhpuri Suits - Among all bandhgala suits for boys everything about Ivory suits speaks elegance and class. Ivory or off-white colour Jacket suits are either plain or feature embossed details distributed all over. It is paired with a pocket square and an ornate brooch. It comes with matching formal pants with button closure.

      Textured Jodhpuri Suits - A textured boys Jodhpuri suit is a pair of bandhgala jacket and pants. The Jacket has textured fabric that adds depth and style to the outfit. It usually has subtle patterns or embossed detail on the bold and tactile fabric. The pants are non-textured in plain fabric.

      Velvet Jodhpuri Suits - The velvet-made boys Jodhpuri suit is the epitome of royal luxury. It has a soft and plushy texture in vibrant colours. These Jodhpuri suits are usually worn on special occasions like weddings, receptions and formal gatherings. The Jacket has buttoned up the front with a pocket square and brooch. It comes with contrasting or same-colour pants in comfortable fabric.

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      Best Colour Options for Jodhpuri Suit

      You can go for incredible options like black, ivory, grey, navy blue, emerald green, or pastel color suits like pink, beige, or powder blue. Choose a colur according to the theme of the occasion you are attending.

      Accessories to Wear with Jodhpuri suits

      Accessories can be a great way to enhance the overall appearance of the outfit. Here is the list of add-ons that will enhance the personality and style of your little boy.

      1. Pagadi - A Traditional Pagadi, ‘Safa’ or Turban is an Indian headpiece. It can complement the overall look of Jodhpuri kids suits. It comes in a variety of vibrant and appealing colours. But pagadi in multicolour bandhani is the personal best of all times.

      2. Jewellery - Jewellery like a small neckpiece, or bracelet will give your boy a royal prince appearance. You can choose silver or gold jewellery according to the outfit.

      3. Belt - Tying a belt around the waist on the bandhgala jacket will not only add sophistication, but it will also keep the jacket neat and well-stacked. While giving your boy an aesthetic charm.

      4. Footwear - Jodhpuri suits are mostly worn on stylish jutti or mojari sandals. Wearing them will surely give your boy an authentic traditional look.

      5. Pocket square - A pocket square and lapel pin or brooch usually comes with the Jodhpuri suit for boys. If not then it is ideal to pair it with a vibrant colour pocket square to pop in and an ornate brooch for a whimsical appearance.

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      Q Is it appropriate to dress kids in Bandhgala suits during summer? 

      Yes, Bandhgala suits are extremely comfortable to wear in summers as well. You just need to choose breathable fabric with lightweight materials. 

      Q How can I dress my child underneath the coat?

      The main highlight of the Jodhpuri suit is the designer upper coat. So you can dress him in a shirt or a contrasting kurta to enhance his appearance.

      Q Do you provide Jodhpuri suits for boys in all age groups?

      Yes, our range of collections has Jodhpuri suits for small baby boys to all age groups children. Also, you can take help from the size chart provided with all the kid's wear to select the correct size.

      Q What is a Jodhpuri suit for boys?

      A Jodhpuri kids suit is a two-piece set with a formal coat and pants. The bandhgala coat has full sleeves and buttons up the front. It features solid colours, prints, and designer motifs.

      Q What accessories look best on a Jodhpuri suit for kids?

      Jodhpuri suit is a kids party wear dress. By coordinating accent pieces such as Pagadi, brooch, cufflinks, and mojari, you can give a royal prince look to your kid. 

      Q What is the cloth material of a bandhgala suit for boys?

      A bandh gala boys suit is woven in the finest fabric materials like linen, brocade, silk, wool, and more.

      Q What can I add under a bandhgala suit for kids?

      During summers, you can dress your boy in a shirt made from light fabric under the Jodhpuri coat, while in winter, a thick fabric shirt will help keep him warm. 

      Q Is boys Jodhpuri suit a traditional outfit?

      Yes, the Jodhpuri suit for boys is a traditional Indian outfit invented in the late 19th century. 

      Q Can I pair shoes with a boys suit?

      Ethnic footwear options such as mojaris, loafers, and handmade sandals will add a touch of elegance to the Jodhpuri suit for boys.

      Q Can I dress my boy in Jodhpuri kurta for wedding?

      Absolutely! Consider styling your son in a Jodhpuri suit for the wedding. It's best to opt for a designer Jodhpuri suit with intricate motifs to give him a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

      Q What is the origin of the Jodhpuri suit?

      Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jodhpur invented the Royal Jodhpuri suit and was the first to wear it. 

      The story goes as he lost his belongings when the Maharaja embarked on a Journey to London to attend the Golden Jubilee anniversary of Queen Victoria in 1887. As a representative of Marwar, he did not want to wear western clothes, so instead, he designed his attire and got it sewn by a tailor. And that is how the renowned outfit Jodhpuri suit came into existence. 

      Q What is the best place to buy a Jodhpuri suit for boys online?

      You can buy Boys Jodhpuri suits from famous online kids wear stores like Mumkins, PinkblueIndia, and Firstcry.