10 Trendy Indian Wedding Dresses For Boy Kids (0 Months to 14 Years)

10 Trendy Indian Wedding Dresses For Boy Kids (0 Months to 14 Years)

The festive excitement in kids seems to be seamless, they are found to be full of energy and excitement, as there are endless fun things that are going to take place. To this there is something which adds more fun, that is the best ever wedding dresses for boy kids.

But now as soon as it is said about the wedding dresses, then parents are found being clueless as to what to buy and what not. May it be a reception dress or a haldi ceremony dress.

Reading this handy guide will help you in selecting the best party wear and ethnic wear for boys.

#1. Asymmetric Party Wear Dress (3 Months to 1 Years)


Traditional is becoming the latest trend especially in wedding season. But this beautiful bright color piece party wear dress is one amongst the highest selling dresses. This is available with 2 colors green and blue.

Moreover, talking about the quality, then it must be said that this is the best quality dress which your little one could wear without any irritation or allergy.

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#2. Onion Kurta Pyjama with Nehru Jacket (1 Year to 10 Years)


Looking for sagai or mehendi dresses for your boy kids? Here is a blissful ethnic wear along with a self print waistcoat is simply wow! Looking at the dress piece will fetch you towards buying, and the best part about this piece is the widest availability of the sizes from 1 year to 10 years.

The pattern can be worn in half sleeves as well as full sleeves depending upon the type of event and the season. The pant-style pajama is something new and attractive that gives an outstanding fitting to the attire.

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#3. 3 Piece Suit for Boys (6 Months to 5 Years)


This is a perfect engagement and reception dress for your baby boy, and not just limited to wedding functions but can be useful for various other events.

This kids suit is high in demand due to the perfect color combination as well as the outstanding add ons which are accompanied by the dress. One can also have a look at the color options available in case of any type of color theme to which the dress needs to be matched.

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#4. Silk Kurta Pyjama Set Available in 2 Colors (3 Year to 14 Years)


If yellow is not your theme for haldi then this simple sophisticated kurta pyjama can be a good option to wear as a haldi ceremony dress which is accompanied with a waistcoat having a brooch and a pocket square, to give utmost excitement to the attire.

The straight fit of the pants is responsible for giving a modish look to your little handsome. If your target is to buy a kurta pyjama with not much gaudiness then you must not think much about buying this amazing dress piece.

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#5. Traditional 3 Piece Dhoti Kurta Set (0 Month to 7 Years)


Indian wedding dresses for boys like this kurta pyjama are still quite resurgent, whereas this is being a bit unique for kids these days. So if you are looking for unique dress pieces for your little one then you must go in for such dress pieces.

To add up smartness to this dress piece, the dress piece is added up with a printed waistcoat in a contrasting color which is found to give an eye-catching look to the debonair. The dress is found to be available in sizes from 6 months to 10 years.

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#6. 3 Piece Black Suit (3 Months to 2 Years)

boys party wear

Events in your closed one’s place, call out for exorbitant dress pieces suitable as wedding party dresses for kids, and one such dress piece is this which with its blissful design and color combination embraces your little one exceedingly.

Coming to the fitting part, then it must be said that you must go in for the required size only, as taking a bigger size can spoil the fitting and thus in a result might not give that cool look.

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#7. Stylish Ethnic Wear for Boy Kids (1 Year to 10 Years)

Traditional party wear for boys

Looking for designer kids wear for boys? Then this is definitely something which you would not be able to resist buying. You can find all that you would have thought in your dreams for a sophisticated dress piece.

The high-quality sherwani piece along with a brooch and a pocket square is something that makes it the most desirable dress piece.

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#8. Red & Black Party Wear Set (12 Months to 14 Years)

Traditional party wear for boys

Love for black outfits has always been seamless, and at the top of it the contrast-colored addons makes it a perfect marriage dress for your little one.

An add-on to such an outfit is the waistcoat which is accompanied by a pocket square and a brooch which makes it most suitable for any event like marriage functions or festive events.

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#9. Dhoti Kurta with Waistcoat (1 Year to 10 Years)

Stunning dhoti kurta set for boy kids

Another blissful yet desirable kids wedding reception dress can be a piece designed by the fashionistas in the best possible color patterns accompanied with an upper in a contrasting color pattern.

The quality of the sherwani can easily be predicted by the images only. The dress is designed in an astonishingly high-quality fabric which makes easy long-wearing for your little ones too.

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#10. Party Wear Suit for Boys with Elegant Tie (18 Month to 14 Years)

boys party wear dress

In case if you are just willing to buy sophisticated party wear dresses for a baby boy to attend a wedding function, then you must not leave this dress piece which is found to be high in demand due to its simplicity and sophistication.

The sizes in such dress pieces are available from 18 month to 10 years amongst which dress for any particular size can be selected.

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The wedding outfits which are discussed here are found to be suited well for almost every sort of event and wedding function that definitely call out for outstanding dress pieces like these.

Just knowing about the latest trend is not sufficient, so to know what wonders it can make, you must attire it to your kids so the dress pieces offered are loved by the kids as well as the audience.

So, Mumkins feels delighted to offer endless design pieces in the future too, to not let you ever be out of trend.

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