Top 7 Styling Tips in Kids Summer Dresses

Top 7 Styling Tips in Kids Summer Dresses

Summers are here! And it's the best time of the year, especially for kids. Because their favorite summer vacations are coming!

Not only that, but it's time they get to try different ice cream flavors, kulfi, and mangoes to their heart's content. And we cannot forget the best part - spending days with friends and cousins playing around all day! 

Did you start reminiscing about your childhood? Well, these days are just so special to be remembered again and again.

Bringing you back to our topic of discussion today - the styling tips! While you get to style your child in various patterns of kids' dresses in summer, there are a few things you should also consider when styling them. Maybe some of these you are already following, and others you may learn today! Let us know what new you learned today in the comments below!

To name a few tips - these are selecting the right fabric, designs, and patterns according to the season. Because it helps to keep your kids comfortable while looking their best for the day, let's take a deep dive into each of these tips.

Styling Tips in Summer Collection

Choose Soft Fabric

Summers call for the lighter and soft fabric. While this is the same for everybody, you must be extra careful when it comes to kids. Thick fabric, with layers or the warm/dark color shades, can often cause discomfort, red spots, and skin allergies in kids. It is because their skin is more delicate than adults. So their fabric must be breathable and soft to the skin for the utmost comfortable feeling and flexibility. Check out this girls frock in soft, airy fabric.

girl forck

Bright Colours and Prints are the Best

Vibrant colors like sky blue, yellow, green, or light pastel colors are bespoke summer choices. Plus, kids' clothing in these colors makes their appearance glow. Speaking about colors and prints, explore this new kids summer dress in exquisite prints.

When buying for your kid, go for classy options such as leafy prints, floral or graphic prints in their favorite anime cartoon.

girls play wear floral frock print

Types of Kids Wear to Purchase

There are wide varieties of patterns for kids' summer collections. It depends on the type of occasion you are attending. To name a few, it can be a midi knee-length kids skirt and top, girls' frock, or denim shorts for girls. Take a look at this stylish party-wear midi for girls.

Furthermore, here are a few of our best suggestions for buying boys' dresses: instead of dressing them in jeans with full coverage that are quite suffocating, you can go for loose capri and cargo for outings. Discover these cool cargo pants for boys. And, Pair them with a cotton t-shirt, hoodie, or polo pants that go well with either of the bottom wear.

Buy Comfy Shoes for Kids

After the dress comes the essential part; selecting the best pair of shoes that are both comfy and strong enough for your kids' adventurous feat. Summer shoes need to be breathable and quickly drying.

Explore these adorable and beautiful Mary Jane bellies for girls. Not only are they fashionable, but the open space will not let her feet suffocate. You can also wear something outdoorsy, like airy sneakers or sports sandals.

kids shoe

Is your son fond of looking impeccably handsome? Then we have a few cool and modish recommendations for him as well. For casuals, crocs and slides are the comfy options. In contrast, airy sneakers are perfect for sports activities and outings. If you are styling him for formals, mojaris with small gaps are the optimal selection.

Hairstyle for Girls

Does your girl have long hair? Then keeping them open on hot days can be quite exasperating for her. So you can experiment with your hair styling skills on her, and it will prove to be a fun activity for both of you. Like braiding her hair in beautiful patterns.

girls hairstyle

Pay attention to Skincare.

Children have delicate skin, making them more prone to sunburn, tanning, and the dangers of harmful UV rays. Also, the harms of mosquitoes are more than apparent as they continue to spread diseases. But. with a few care tips, you can protect them from harm and create a sense of self-care in your kid.

  • Apply sunscreen recommended by the dermatologist.
  • When taking them outside, its ideal to wear a hat and sunglasses
  • They can wear a cap while playing
  • Last but not least, applying mosquito repellent in the evening

Ensure the safety of your little one with these skin care suggestions. Feel free to adopt changes in these tips as per your requirements.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Dress

Dresses in tight-fitting, i.e., in fixed sizes, are a good option for winter as they keep kids warm. But they can be a nightmare in summer as they restrict airflow, causing discomfort and excess sweating.

Dresses in tight-fitting, i.e., in fixed sizes, are a good option for winter as they keep kids warm. But they can be a nightmare in summer as they restrict airflow, causing discomfort and excess sweating.

Instead, you can try linen, cotton, or similar fabric outfits in more flowy patterns, such as kids girl midi skirts, puffy sleeves, and off-shoulder rompers. You can take advantage of these culottes and jumpsuits for girls. And, for boys, formal cotton shirts, kurta pajamas, or casual t-shirts can be a better wardrobe investment for summertime.


With these tips, you can ensure summer style with functionality and comfort for your kid. Make sure to choose lightweight fabric in loose-fitting, and a few extra accessories will allow them to enjoy the season's joys to the fullest. You can also upgrade the tips or add more as per your needs and understanding.

If you want to get more fashion insights on summer dresses for girls, we recommend you to read this - the most trending summer outfits for girls.


Q. What are some of the best stores for kids in India?

While there are many stores for kids and baby clothes shopping online in India, you should opt for authentic and trusted brands. Always look for verified reviews before buying from any online dressing site!

Q. How do stitch frocks for kids?

Here is a simple beginner's guide video of how to stitch frocks for kids at home. Check this out.

Q. What are the trending outfits for kids in 2023?

Here are the most trending inspiration to follow in 2023

  • Open a shirt over a t-shirt for boys
  • Formal coat with geometric print over a t-shirt
  • Dungaree for girls
  • Designer outfits adorned in sequins
  • Wide-leg pants
  • Kids girl midi skirt